Seeing Myself; part 2

October 2, 2008 at 8:58 pm (Movie Commentary) (, , )

White Palace is about an older single divorcee and the young man who falls in love/lust with her. Both the characters are wounded and struggling to get by day to day. She is poor, he is not. She is middle aged, he is an up & coming Yuppie (this is the beginning of the nineties after all). I like the movie but the older I get the more I see the unrealistic way they are both portrayed. The movie panders to stereotypes and young men’s fantasies. It doesn’t surprise me that the writers are male.

The book, yes there is a book, is a much more realistic view of a young man’s obsessive nature. It also lets us into the mind of the older woman and how she feels about and copes with being poor & single. It annoys me that both movies, this one and Miss Pettigrew, assumes an older single woman will always be poor and lacking in healthy emotional resources, (and looking for a young person to show her the errors of her ways).

So why do I like this movie? This movie that is showing me (the single woman, the divorcee, the spinster) in such a poor light. I suppose partly because I read the book first and the book portrays the older single woman in a kinder, more realistic light. Also, I’ll watch anything Susan Sarandon is in. She’s defintely my favorite older woman role model.

As well, White Palace, in my opinion, has one of the hottest sex scenes ever. If you’re fast forwarding it’s about half an hour into the movie. Just mind numbing, toe tingling , close my eyes and just listen, sex. And, I must say, James Spader is the last man I would ever want to sleep with in real life.

For me, the pleasure in watching White Palace is in suspending my disbelief and just going along with it. Because, believe me, in real life this relationship was doomed from the beginning.

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