Not a girly-girl

October 26, 2008 at 8:39 pm (Memoir) (, , )

I shaved my legs today. In the winter, for me, this is an uncommon activity. I’m not a girly-girl: I shave my legs, at the most, monthly, and once it is winter even less than that. I don’t wear dresses and nobody sees my legs in the winter but me. I shave my underarms more frequently, about every two weeks. I shave my underarms once they start bugging me, once they get itchy. It seems to me a bother to shave and primp.

I barely ever wear make-up. Mascara once in a blue moon but that’s about it. I would rather spend my money on other things than eye shadow or mascara or fancy shampoos. I sound like a slattern don’t I. But I’m not at all untidy. My appearance is neat and clean I just don’t see the need for all the embellishments. Never did.

I suppose in my youth I might have been considered a tomboy. I ran around with my brother and his friends. I hung out with other tomboys. When I wasn’t reading I was having adventures. We played in the lumber yard (until we were chased out), we built tree forts, we climbed unto the roof, and played in the junk yard next door.

I did on occasion have to wear dresses. Every Sunday and other special holidays. I can only remember one dress I was comfortable in. It was a simple white lace A-line dress and I wore it until it was a mini skirt. I got necklaces, from my father’s parents, every Christmas and broke them quickly. I was a fiddler (still am). My sisters always looked poised and pretty. I looked like someone playing at dress-up.

My best friend, in grade 8, would use me as a mannequin and dress up my hair and face. I had long hair to play with; She did not. It seemed to me a waste of time. I could have been reading. We could have been playing Monoply or some other board game. Nobody ever noticed the difference, me with or without make-up. And, truth be told, I preferred to not be noticed. Being noticed meant being criticized.

I don’t see the pleasure in fancy clothes and expensive creams. I just want to be me.

gigi (not necessarily)


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