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I walked to the Western Development Museum (WDM) yesterday. The Festival of Trees was on. This year’s theme was Christmas Memories.  The purpose in going was mainly to use a digital camera to take some pictures. Since I don’t yet have such a thing I used the camera on my cell phone. The pictures, which you will not see, are for the most part very blurry.

I had trouble with the camera. The first obstacle was in getting the pictures focused. Well, actually keeping my fingers out of the pictures. Once I figured out how to hold the phone the next problem was keeping still. Didn’t work well at all. As stated above, most of the pictures are blurry.

And there is only room for twenty pictures on my cell phone. The whole experience left me wondering “how do people do this?” Take usable pictures with their cell phone, that is. And then, after that, how do you get the pictures off your cell phone and onto your computer?

So, you get descriptions instead. There were over seventy items and no, I will not be describing all of them. There were Christmas trees, wreaths, swags and gingerbread creations. There were the regular WDM exhibits and their Christmas exhibits.

The trees had typical names (Pop up Santa, Once Upon a Blue Christmas) and not so typical names (Moulin Rouge anyone – was that the one with masks? or was that the one titled Christmas Masquerade). There were many children’s trees and at least two Western themed trees. There was a Betty Boop themed wreath. Whoville and the Grinch were represented as well.

Many trees had toys and other presents under them. The Zoo tree was entirely made up of stuffed animals. There was an old fashioned house and cradle under another. One tree, no idea of its name, was somewhat pop culturally based and the basket under it had the recent Hairspray DVD and a Beatles DVD; perhaps this was Peace, Hope, Joy or Sparkle and Shine or Baroque. I have the program; it lacks descriptions.

My favorite tree was a duet entitled Blizzard; two white trees, decorated with white ornaments and no lights. (That’s another thing that made it hard to take pictures: the strings of lights on almost all of the trees). My favorite wreath had metallic green leaves. My favorite gingerbread creation was based on various Charlie Brown Christmas specials. There was Peppermint Patty skating, Lucy in her booth and Charlie Brown’s tree.

Another highlight, for me, was the WDM’s Christmas Display based on Eaton’s Once Upon a Christmas. Eaton’s Once Upon a Christmas used to be on display in the Eaton’s department store every year. It is an example of early mechanical animation and includes nursery rhymes, fairy tales, classic children’s tales, angels and the multiple window display telling us the story of The Boy Who Became Santa Claus.

The Angels were always my favorite. In the Angel’s Workshop, Angels are building and painting toys. At the Angel’s Sewing Circle, they are sewing, knitting and quilting. Such practical gifts. Such diverse angels.

All the Festival of Trees items were for sale. I didn’t look at the prices. Unlike last year, there was really nothing that I wanted to buy. Last year, there was a Looney Tunes tree that I coveted. There was Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Grandma and all my favorites. That was a tree I would have put up every year. It made me smile.

And now I will leave you with a smile:

What goes “oh oh oh”




Santa walking backwards.

I wish you Peace, Hope, Joy.


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