Reading the Library Books First ;-)

January 18, 2009 at 10:09 pm (Book Commentary) (, , , )

bookmanstackI am in a time loop. In a bind. When I started steady work eight years ago I started buying books. You know, just in case I ran out of things to read. LOL. Three moves later, I have about two hundred books stored in boxes and in piles in Living Room and Bedroom cabinets. Books I’m not getting around to reading. 😦

Why am I not reading the books I own? Because I am reading the Library books first! It’s a vicious cycle. I work downtown. I have nothing to do at lunch. I go to the library and peruse the new book shelf or worse yet, the one week loan period new book shelf. Which my library just introduced. Book titles in high demand have a copy or two set to a one week loan period for those of us who can read a book in that time period and/or don’t want to wait for over a hundred people ahead of us on the reserve list to read the book.

Then, of course, I read book blogs. Book bloggers are evil, evil tempters. Oh, all right, I have no resistance when it comes to books. I’ll read anything that sounds interesting. I use to write down the titles I wanted to read. Now, I go to my library website first and put the book on reserve if they have it. If not, the book information goes into my to read someday book list book! So, last year, I decided that I would only go to the library if I had a book in. Didn’t work…what part of vicious circle did I not get? Damn, Libraries are tantalizing dens of seduction; I can’t resist a good read.

This year, I’m reading the books I own alongside the library books and not buying any new books. Hopefully, by this time next year, I will have put a dent in my to be read, already own, pile of tempting, tantalizing books. Wish me luck!



  1. wendy said,

    I am wrestling with this very same problem right now. I can’t make a dent in my TBR stack because the library books are getting in the way. This past weekend I bought almost 20 books at a used book sale. Left the sale and what did I do? Went by the library and borrowed a huge stack of new reads.
    It’s an addiction.

  2. solitaryspinster said,

    yes, so totally an addiction for me too 🙂

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    […] now afford to. I ended up with three packing boxes that kept getting moved but not read because I read the library books first. I finally made a resolution this year to read the books I owned and am about two-thirds finished. […]

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    […] those long summer days of my childhood, I would go next door to the library the minute it opened, take out the maximum six books that I was allowed and come home to read all […]

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    […] I am also a huge library user. Last year, I borrowed over 400 items (books, graphic novels, CDs, DVDs) from my local library. Even if I were rich, I could never afford to buy every thing that I want to read. […]

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