Ravishing “R”

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Chartroose over at Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage! tagged me with a meme. The rules are simple: choose 10 favorite things beginning with a single letter of the alphabet and explain why you like them.  The only catch is that the letter is assigned to you by the person who wrote the post you’ve just read.  On February 9, 2009, Chartroose  assigned me the letter “R”.

So, as promised last week, here are ten things I like beginning with the ravishing letter “R”.


1) The colour red. Vibrant, brass, and deep. Blood red and fire engine red and auburn red (hair). So full of life and brightness and vitality.


Hair the red of feisty, feminist Pippi Longstocking. I found the best sketch of Pippi here, at Sarah’s Sketches. Go see it!


2) Raspberries, which can also be red. The best ones are red: a deep, lush red. They are best mixed in a tub of chocolate ice cream and eaten on a sunny summer’s eve

3)Root Beer. It has to be A & W Root Beer. In a classic frosty mug, of course.

4) Rocks:

Pet Rocks;

Pet Rocks;

River Rocks;

River Rocks;



Jade &

Jade &



5) Royalty in Movies:

Princess Giselle in Enchanted;

The Prince and Me;

The Princess Bride;

Ever After…etc, etc, etc.

(Bonus points to anyone who can tell me the movie reference.)


6) The Russian Revolution. Anything written about it, that is. I’ve read everything I can find on Anastasia. Honestly, I just find the history of women in Russia to be intriguing. Especially Anastasia and Catherine the Great. It has to do, I suppose, with the fact that such a rich lifestyle is foreign to anything I have ever experienced. I hope some day to visit St. Petersburg, but honestly I’d rather time travel so that I could see it as it was.


7) Remembrance. Things lost. Nostalgia. Memoir. I live within the curse of an examined life. Forever, examining and re-examining my past, my present, my history – the history of everything.

(I wish I could draw an image to invoke the remembrance of time and history).

8_) Renovation Shows. I live in an apartment. I covet the the freedom home owners have to invent and reinvent their spaces. I want a man like Mike Holmes in my life 🙂

mike-holmes neatI could so Neaten up anyone’s house. I’m a natural neat freak.

And then there is the British import – How Clean is Your House. These are my guilty pleasures. The shows that cheer me up because I know my space will NEVER ever get that messy or dirty.

These are my gossip shows… these are my famous people and their problems that I gloat over!

9) R & R; Rest and Relaxation. I learnt the value of a good nap early and still practice the art of napping every chance I get. I had a nap today. I plan on a nap tomorrow!


10)A revolting, refreshing sense of the absurd. I don’t know if I am macabre or goth. I do know I have a weird, eerie sense of humour.

Here are some of my favourite things:

  • Graveyards;
  • Halloween;
  • Queen Mab & all things fey;
  • Oscar the Grouch;
  • Gingerdead;
  • Para Abnormal;
  • the Loch Ness monster.

And, in conclusion,

Yeah, he’s good, like an angel is good. But we ain’t made t’mess wit angels, girl. Angels draw up to all the evil and all the hurt in the world. They watch babies dyin’, that’s what they do. They take all the pain and shout it out. Angels livin’ with evil and with death. That’s their stock in trade. Murderers and thieves and times so hard that you could cry blood. That’s where you find angels. … I’d kill myself before I’d break bread with an angel.

(p. 238 –  RL’s Dream by Walter Mosley)

Anyone who is interested in doing this meme can leave me a comment and I’ll give you a letter to explore.

Thank you Chartroose for letting me explore myself within this meme.



  1. chartroose said,

    Lovely! We have a lot in common. I am solitary most of the time and I love it. I’m also into the macabre, although I don’t know what “Gingerdead” is, so I’ll have to check that out. Isn’t it great that being a single woman doesn’t carry the same sort of stigma it used to? I can’t imagine ever marrying again!

    I’m going to list you on my sidebar and bloglines feeds so that I can visit you more often.

  2. Lisa Trigg said,

    I found you on my Walter Mosley Feed. Way to go on this excerpt!

  3. solitaryspinster said,

    Thank you both for the lovely comments. This is one of my favorite quotes and books. I’d definitely recommend everyone reading it.

  4. Angels at the WDM « Solitary Spinster said,

    […] been reading awhile, you already know I’m pragmatic and cynical. Go to the bottom of my Ravishing R post for my favourite quote about […]

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