My Button Jar

March 22, 2009 at 8:15 pm (Memoir) (, , , , )

buttons I started a button jar today. This is a time honoured family tradition on my mother’s side of the family. My mother has a button jar. My grandmother had a button tin. I’ll bet my grandmother’s mother had some sort of container for buttons. 😉

Up until today, I had buttons strewn about in various places. You know how it is…you buy a new shirt, you get a spare button or two. So today I had an empty jar. A teeny, tiny jar. Which was okay because I don’t have a lot of buttons. Just a pittance of buttons, not a multitude, can be found at my apartment.

My buttons are not pretty like the buttons in this picture. They are more monochrome. I have a lot of navy buttons, a few beige ones and one bright peacock blue button that is from my only silk shirt.

This is the size of my button jar. It is much smaller than a pint jar. It is much smaller than my mother’s button jar. It held, when it was full of jam, about 4 ounces. My mother’s buttons are stored in an empty Kraft Cheez Whiz jar. This is the type of jar I store pens in. The biggest Cheez Whiz jar is perfect for storing pens. My grandmother’s buttons were stored in a shortbread tin. A Walkers shortbread tin. Which seems strange to me now because this is my mother’s mother, who was Polish. It was my father’s mother who was from Scotland (the land of shortbread cookies. LOL).



So here are the button jars. You’re going to have to imagine them full of buttons. I’m not that technically advanced yet.

It seems to me that containers for buttons might be something universally rendered. What do you think? Did your mother have a button jar? Or a button box? Did your grandmother? Do your sisters? Or brothers? Do you?

I think Neil Gaiman’s mother had a button jar/box. How else could he have come up with the other mother in Coraline? A collection of buttons, stored all together, definitely makes one realize how scary button eyes staring into your own eyes would be.

There will probably not be a post next week as I have family issues to deal with. See you in two weeks.



  1. franniesplace said,

    I love this! I will share on my facebook page, “Memories Of Growing Up In A Small Southern Town In the 40’s and 50’s! Great writing! Do you still blog? My e-mail is

    • solitaryspinster said,

      Thanks for the link. Yes, I am still blogging. If you click on solitaryspinster at the top of this page it will take you to my most current posts! I’ll have to look at your FaceBook page.


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