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Today is the end of  the Easter weekend. One of those times that religion/christianity is constantly niggling at my subconscious. For me, it is a time of year ripe with tradition. (Hum Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof here. LOL)

Tradition according to the dictionary means a specific practice of long standing, or the handing down of  beliefs, customs, and information from generation to generation, usually by word of mouth or by practice.

What you need to know is that I no longer count Christianity as my only religion. My spiritual beliefs are much more far reaching than any one doctrine. I believe in many things. For me, the Bible offers guidelines not certainties.

However, no matter where I am I expect certain things to occur on this weekend.  Even though I am no longer religious I enjoy viewing the mythology that is the basis of Easter.

This weekend is not just about Easter but also occurs close to Passover. So, I expect that The Ten Commandments will be on TV at some point, usually Saturday. The Charlton Heston version, of course. More than four hours on the story of Moses and the legend of Passover. No, I don’t watch it all but I do like to be there for the parting of the Red Sea to look for fishes. For being filmed in 1956, there are some amazing special effects. And no, no glimpses of fishes this year.

On Palm Sunday or Good Friday there is usually a showing or two of Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m partial to the 1973 version; I was thirteen when I first saw it and my grandparents hated it. Too modern. This movie showed me that other interpretations of a story could be seen as valid. I loved the way the story was told; how the music brought it all together. How the movie dealt with greater moral values also intrigued me. How much of a pawn was Judas? How culpable was the crowd, made out of ordinary, everyday people just like me? What would I have done? At thirteen, I wanted to be an apostle and was dismayed that no women could apply for the task of spreading the gospel. Thankfully, this has changed within many denominations of Christianity.

Then, there are the little surprises in the movie. Such as, Holly Hunter as a reporter in the crowd scene after Jesus’s arrest at Gethsemane.  Okay, after a brief tour through the interwebs, I can’t prove this. Plus, if it is her she would have been around 15 years old according to her biography.  So, those of you familiar with the movie tell me what you think. Is that Holly Hunter in the crowd of news reporters asking questions (she does ask a question) or not? I”d love proof one way or another.

If I have to go to church, on Easter Sunday, let it be a sunrise service. After a long winter, it is nice to wake early to watch the sun rise and sing a blessing to spring and new awakenings.

So, what was this post about again? Oh yeah, my Easter traditions 🙂

As a single person, I get to pick and choose my traditions. Yearly, if I so choose. This year, I challenged myself to give up something for Lent.

I choose to give up Junk Chocolate. Yes, that adjective is important. I buy at least one chocolate bar a day. I don’t always enjoy them and I definetely don’t need that much junk chocolate in my system. I didn’t think this was a habit I could break. Forty days without junk chocolate in my life seemed like forever. It wasn’t. I did it except for one slip-up on St. Patrick’s day. There was a new mint Three Muskateers bar out and I had to have one.

To reward myself I bought a small box of Bernard Callebaut chocolates just for me from the Easter bunny, plus a small bag of Jelly candies and had hard boiled eggs for breakfast. No, I didn’t dye them. It seemed too much work to just dye two eggs. Though next year, I may try something traditional, like this:


I hope you had a good Easter weekends and enjoyed your traditions whether they were new or old or a combination of both 😉


  1. Coffee & Vanilla said,

    I went on the Bernard Callebaut website… and I can’t stop thinking of chocolate coated coffee beans!! 🙂
    I’m glad you liked eggs that my friends gave me… they are really easy to make.

    Greetings from London, Margot

  2. gigi said,


    Absolutely gorgeous eggs; I’m going to try making them next year. I found you on TasteSpotting and am looking forward to exploring your site more. I hope to be in the United Kingdom this time next year.

    Thanks for commenting,

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