ABCs of Me

May 11, 2009 at 9:16 pm (Life, Meme, Recreation)

I’m Blocked; so you’re getting A Meme! Enjoy…


A is for age: Almost fifty. Old enough that I had wooden blocks that looked exactly like these.

B is for Beer: Don’t drink any. It aggravates my migraines.

C is for Career: I’m on my second. I was in Child Care, I’m now a Librarian and I’m in the process of searching for my next career. I’m anticipating a change in the next year or so!

D is for my Dog’s Name: Don’t have a dog. Coco is my mom’s boyfriend’s dog; Jake is my sister’s lab. I have walking rights whenever I see them. 🙂

E is for Essential Item I Use Everyday: Books, books and more books. I’d use them every day even if I wasn’t a Librarian.

F is for Favorite T.V. Show: The last, couldn’t ever miss favourite, was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

G is for Favorite Game: Monopoly or maybe Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy!

H is for Hometown: Small town Saskatchewan.

I is for Instruments I Play: None, but I’d love to learn the Flute someday.

J is for Favorite Juice: Grape.

K is for Whose Butt I’d Like To Kick: In a good, competitive way or in a you annoy me way?

L is for the Last Place I Ate: McD’s…I should have packed a lunch. All I enjoyed was the Cinnamon Melts.

M is for Marriage: Nope, divorced & never again!

N is for my Name: gigi; okay, that’s a nom de plume, aka pen name.

O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: One, no two. Tonsils at age seven or so and pneumonia at age Sixteen.

P is for People I was With Today: My co-worker and my boss – we have a small staff on mondays.

Q is for Quote: The second line to Curiosity Killed the Cat. Look it up!

R is for Biggest Regret: It used to be B (post upcoming someday).

S is for Sport: If I have to pick one it would be Badminton.

T is for Time I Woke Up Today: 7:00 am, they were vacuuming outside my apartment. I still had forty minutes according to my alarm. This keeps happening and making me grumpy! 😦

U is for Underwater: I’d like to explore underwater caves but there’s this fear of drowning phobia lurking inside me. (See future post about B!)

V is for Vegetable You Love: Peas –  fresh, frozen and creamed.

W is for Worst Habit: I spend too much money on Junk food.

X is for X-rays I Have Had: Teeth and lungs.

Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today: Homemade Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. Made it myself. Here’s a tip, if you want the best taste – don’t buy the cheap cream cheese!

Z is for Zodiac: Aries. 1st sign of the Zodiac and a Metal Rat which is supposed to attract money. (I’m still waiting).

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