Tribbles and Bits

May 31, 2009 at 9:01 pm (Book Commentary, Life, Weather) (, , , , , , , )

LilacsYesterday, there was a scent of lilacs wafting on the wind. The Lilac season is one of the seasons I wait for in anticipation. And it is such a short season (LOL). I only have about two weeks to enjoy the Lilacs and then they will be gone and it will be summer. Hot, hot summer which is the season that I despise the most. I can not tolerate the heat. Autumn is my favorite season: the days are still long, the heat dissipates by dusk and raspberries are plentiful and inexpensive.

I don’t hate everything about Summer just the heat. The Children’s Festival will start next week and starting tomorrow my walk to work will be festooned with ribbons. Not the whole walk, just the last part by the park. They will have bright ribbons hanging over the trees which are already a canopy of green but for one week will be joined by a rainbow of ribbons and hoards of children when I go out for lunch. This week makes me wish I still had little ones in my life to enjoy the festival with.

Today is Sunday. It was a beautiful day but I did not go out into it. Except to take out the garbage. I stayed inside reading, enjoying the sun like a cat. I finished two books and the Saturday paper. I did notice when the sun went behind the clouds but I was not tempted to leave my apartment. I’m a little tempted now but it means I’d have to put on a bra and I don’t want to!

What books did I finish, you ask?

the Necklace

One of the books was The Necklace. This book is the story about thirteen women who buy a 15,000.00 dollar necklace to share. The book details this social experiment and how sharing the necklace affects each woman. I couldn’t do it! For one, I couldn’t spend that sort of money on jewelry (over 1,000.00 dollars each) and two, I wouldn’t be able to share something like that. Either I would want to have it safe with me always or I would prefer not to have it. I do recommend the book. I found the concept to be a courageous one; I just couldn’t do it!

The other book was Stephen King’s latest book of short stories, Just After Sunset.  I think Mr. King does short stories better than he does novels. The best short story in this collection was The Things They Left Behind which is about 9/11. Here is the synopsis from Stephen King’s website and here is what Wikipedia says about it. The glasses, below,  play a pivotal role in the story. LolitaI cried. Stephen King usually doesn’t make me cry.

So here you have it – some bits about my life but no tribbles (not this time anyway).  😉


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