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It started here with the video of The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice.

I loved the song, played it three or four times never really watching the video. I must have looked up at just the right moment during my last play though because my brain went “I know that movie.”

Jude Law. Julie Roberts. An affair. They’re betraying their partners. This thought lead to an IMBD search. Which lead to Closer. Which took me straight to my local library’s website to see if they had a copy. They did. I reserved it, online (Thank you Library for having the technology ;-)), waited two days, picked it up and watched it last night.

Well, rewatched, I think. As I started the DVD, there was my brain again going, “we’ve seen this. I’m sure we’ve seen this before.” I think too much.

I’m still not sure when I saw this movie before. It would of been on DVD, it was probably this same library copy, and since it only came out in 2004 that does narrow it down to the last five years, approximately.

Confused yet?

Aren’t we all. I’m not sure I like this movie. I know I wouldn’t like these characters to be people I know in real life. Though, of course, I do know people like this in real life. We all do. I’m one of these people in real life.

And then there’s the actors. It’s such a different role for Ms. Roberts and Jude Law has always rubbed me the wrong way. And, like everyone one else, I bring my own presumptions and experiences to the movie.

For a great discussion thread on IMDB about Dan, Alice, Anna and Larry; go here. I don’t agree with all the opinions stated there. For one, I think Alice is telling the truth about not having slept with Larry. For another, more needs to be explored about the relationship between Dan and Larry.

Closer DVD cover This movie deals with the darker side of relationships and I’m not sure I want to go there. Now believe me, when it comes to love, I am not a dewy-eyed romantic. I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt others, both deliberately and unconsciously. If I’m anyone in this movie, I’m Dan…selfish and constantly chasing after, or trying to create, the ideal. No. I want everything to go my way. I’m a control freak who doesn’t handle change well at all.

I want to be close, just not too close. Not closer. The closer I am to you the less I see myself. I change. I mutate. I become only what the other creates. I have a long history of becoming someone else’s ideal something. My mother sees a perfect daughter, my ex saw a perfect wife, my Montreal boyfriend saw a mother figure.

The only time I can be myself is when I keep myself separate. There is DANGER in getting too close. In being closer. This movie hits too close to home, for me, and thus I block it out of my consciousness.

What, ultimately, is Closer about?Love and Lies

Is it a story about love and trust?

Is it a story about truth and lies?

Is it a story about what we lose when we become functioning adults?

Honestly, I have no idea. I didn’t like the movie, didn’t love these characters, but I am glad I watched it (again).


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