Staying Up Past My Bedtime

July 19, 2009 at 8:50 pm (Life, Movie Commentary) (, , , )

I am a Good Girl. I rarely ever stay up late. Usually in bed by eleven. My apartment is too neat and my bed is always made unless I am sleeping or napping in it. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember.

This is my bedroom. Sunday morning. That is Zuzu waving to the camera!

This is my bedroom. Sunday morning. That is Zuzu waving to the camera!

Sorry for the delay. Had to go get the dishes soaking. They have to be done before I go to bed (as does this post). Can we say compulsive.

I know what I am. I know why I am the way I am. I know how I want my life to be. Ordered. I have little problems with who I am. It works for me most of the time.

The last time I was out past Eleven was to go to one of the Lord of the Rings movies with my Eldest Sister and my Middle Half Sister. It was in Winnipeg around the beginning of this century but before 2004. Before that was a party in Montreal, where we ended up sleeping over and the first time was quite likely my 19th birthday when my two older sisters met me at the local bar (and unbeknownst to me) bought me doubles all night. Do you see the pattern here? My late nights are so infrequent that I could probably catalog them all over the last thirty years.

So, why was I out late last week? Well, last Wednesday to be exact? I’m sure you can guess. What came out on Tuesday? This! That’s right… Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Don’t worry – there will be no spoilers in this post. (Can’t guarantee  that about IMDB though, you might not want to click that link!)

I’ve read all the books. I’m a reader first, after all. I usually wait for the movies to hit TV even though I’m a huge Snape fan – he’s to die for! So, why did I see this one at the theater so close to Opening Night?

A co-worker, a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter universe had no one to go to opening night with. Yes, I know, we didn’t go opening night. We both worked Wednesday and she had a big meeting Wednesday that she needed to be on the top of her game for. Otherwise, she would have been there Tuesday at Midnight. Me, not so much.

A movie starting at midnight would have put me home around three am – much too late for me to be up on a work night! HP Ticket

As it was, we went to the 10:05 pm showing. My co-worker called me at eight to arrange to leave for the movie. Which seemed to me to be way too early. I was planning on meandering down around 9:30. Foolish, foolish me. All you fans  out there know how misguided that would have been. :-0

We got to the theater just after eight-thirty. No line outside. Good. We go into the theater, show the usher our ticket and were ushered into the inner lobby. (This was to be the second last showing of HP 6 that night). And as you can guess, this is when I saw the line-up. There were separate lines for both our showing and the next one. Not sure how many people were in line but our line was about triple the length of the line for the 10:30 showing and it was just before nine. We had over an hour to wait and the other line longer than that!

I’ll admit I was a little surprised. Like I said, I don’t usually wait in line for movies. I’m old enough to know that eventually I’ll get around to seeing the ones I want to see. Of course, I grew up before the Internet so never worried about Spoilers! Spoilers were the main reason my friend had to see this movie now. She was worried, justifiably, that someone would tell her something about the movie and spoil it for her. As happened that evening before she met me.

All in all, staying up late was a good experience for me. I enjoyed the movie. I’m not a big fan of waiting in line though and they didn’t let us into the theater until about ten minutes before the movie started. So, I didn’t have time to get popcorn and drinks. We wanted to get our seats first. I suppose one of us could have gone well the other stayed in line. But my co-worker, more experienced then me (she’s been to every HP Opening Night as well as to other Opening Nights), expected them to let us in sooner than they did.

Waiting in line was okay. I was a little amazed at the politeness of the crowd, got to see some interesting costumes, and the movie was worth the wait. It was close enough to walk to and dispute being a creature of habit, the walk home reminded me how much I enjoy walking after dark. We got back to my place, where my co-worker had left her car, just after one am and I was in bed by one-thirty. Thursday, there were no bosses at work – holiday season, and so the day was low key and I got my work done despite the fact that I didn’t get my normal amount of sleep.

I may have to do this again! 😉 Maybe, a home showing where I could serve this!



  1. halloween spirit said,

    The beginning of your post really resonated with me. It’s a rare night that I find myself awake at midnight, let alone out in public. In fact, on the occasion that I’m out late at a party or a pub, I’ve been known to start to doze off after 11, regardless of what’s going on around me. For me, it hasn’t always been this way though. I can recall many “all-nighters” in university.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Harry Potter movie. Book 6 was my favourite. But I can wait until the line-ups subside 🙂

  2. Dead People’s Stuff « Solitary Spinster said,

    […] bed, which was a wedding gift – go here to see my summer […]

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