Tribbles and Bits – August

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August is my busiest month.

BusyActually, it starts at the end of July with my mom’s birthday. She was 75 this year. We had supper at my Eldest sisters that Friday. I worked until 1 pm and then my mom and younger brother and his youngest came into the city to pick me up. Part of my gift to my mother was to go home over that long weekend and help her with her company. She finds having people over for too long exhausting. So, when I can I go home and be the disciplinarian – my mom has forgotten how to say no (at least to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren).

It was a busy weekend. A lot of travel. Both out and back into the city, Friday at my sisters and Sunday at the lake. I was gone from Friday to Monday night. My mom, brother and nephew drove me back Monday night and stayed over for the Ex parade on Tuesday. Ex stands for Exhibition which, in this part of the country, still mostly stands for Summer Fair. That is, an exhibition, usually competitive, of farm products, livestock, etc., often combined  with entertainment and held annually by a county. Not that there’s much of an emphasis on Farm products here in the city but there are still a few such displays.

FairAfter the Parade they went home and I relaxed, at least for a little bit. Didn’t have long to rest since I was back at work on Wednesday and my Eldest sister came up Thursday night so that we could go see Blue Rodeo at the Ex. At the Grandstand. Outside. In the Rain. Thankfully, the Grandstand has covered seating.  It’s been a very rainy summer. I was unaware of how many Blue Rodeo songs mention the rain (and I’m sure they sang everyone of them that night).

Friday I went back to work and my sister used my apartment as home base as she explored the Fringe.

Friday evening she picked me up from work, neither of us could decide on where to go for supper – neither of us really cared. We decided to start a restaurant file so that the decision is easier next time. 😉 We just wanted to eat, not make decisions.

Friday night we had tickets to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan‘s Anthony & Cleopatra. Anthony and Cleopatra led me back to Rome which had much more violence and sex than I remembered. I’ve spent this weekend re-watching the series.

Saturday morning we went to the local Farmer’s market and then shopping until the early afternoon. By four, my sister had headed home and I had an hour and a bit to clean my apartment before I went off to see my one and only Fringe play. This year is the first year that I’ve only seen one play and spent so little time exploring the Fringe scene outdoors. We, my sister & I,  usually see anywhere from three to five plays but this year I was just too busy!

Fringe_Dante This is the play I saw. There were only nine of us in the audience. Of course, it was one of the last plays on the last night of the Fringe.

It was about Dante & Beatrice, Petrarch & Laura, and the nature of romance.

So, honestly, I guess you could say that a lot of my August, so far, has been about exploring the nature of disastrous relationships.

A cynic’s eye view of love. My eye view of love. Definitely not into the summer love or Summer of Love mythology. LOL.

Nobody writes love poems about me anymore (but they did. Oh yes, they did!).

So, my August thus far. 2 1/2 days of work, 5 days of family, 3 days of work, 4 days of family, 5 days of work, two festivals, 2 birthdays, 1 Farmer’s Market and too much money spent and the month is only half over.

You know, I don’t think I mind being this busy.


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