Things That Make Me Smile

August 30, 2009 at 9:02 pm (Fun, Movie Commentary) (, , , , , , )

This picture. This picture makes me smile.

Smiling WheelchairJust after we got our parking lot paved at work and the handicapped stalls painted, a local graffiti artist gave it a smile. The smile and eye have, so far, survived two winters and one very rainy summer. Kudos to the Smile. I smile every time I see it.

I smiled a lot yesterday. I was shopping vicariously. My Eldest sister (ES) was in and I got to go to the stores I don’t usually get to go to because they’re a trek by bus. Home improvements store, decorating stores, etc. I get to watch her shop when she comes in which I enjoy much more than shopping myself. One, i get to ride around the city and see all the pretty stuff for sale and two, I spend very little of my own money.

If I were buying I’d want knee-high Go-go boots. Thankfully, I can’t buy them because I inherited the family thighs – as did my sister. No go-go boots for us; no boots above the lower calf if you must know!


It is a symbiotic relationship that I have with my ES.

ES gets to drive vicariously when we travel outside the city. She drives in the city where I’m not comfortable driving and I drive every else, even the major highways, so she can get a chance to read, relax and sleep. Something she doesn’t get to do, in the car, very often.

I thought about my sisters a lot this weekend. Every one of them makes me smile.

I thought of my Middle Half-Sister (MHS) when I was reading the Sunday funnies. We both enjoy Rose is Rose. This is only one of the connections that I share  with my  MHS. It is one that gives me a smile every day when I read the comics and think of my family.

Another thing I learnt, a few summers ago, when we were all sitting around at my Youngest Half-sister’s (YHS) wedding Dreamingreception talking, is that we all have very vivid,  lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is the ability to control, participate and change the reality of your dreams. My weird, funny dreams made me smile last night and into this morning, as half-way between sleep and waking, I reworked last night dreams into something more positive.

Dreams are my brain telling me a story, restructuring my life and concerns, and showing me what to pay attention to.

Last night, I dreamt of the movie Breakfast with Scot, a movie that I watched twice last night because not only did it make me smile it made me laugh and cry as well. All in all, my litmus test for a good movie. I also dreamt that a coworker who had just left my workplace returned to her job because she was promised a 10% raise. This did not make me smile, so, in my dreams, I sent her off to a better job and immersed myself in Scot’s happy family circle. I wonder what this all means? No, I don’t. I know what it means and it makes me smile. 🙂

So, here is a handful of life’s pleasures that made me smile this weekend. And will continue to make me smile, as I pass a smiling wheelchair on my way into work tomorrow, and as I re-watch a DVD that I enjoyed immensely, and every time I talk to my family.

What makes you smile?

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