Asking For It…The Sequel

September 6, 2009 at 9:22 pm (Memoir) (, , )

It’s hard to believe but I’ve been blogging for almost a year. My first post was September 22, 2008.

As of last week, I have posted 54 times. You would think that it was a little early for a sequel.


But, that’s what I have for today…a sequel.

I don’t know. Is it technically a sequel?

A sequel is – something that is complete in it self but continues the narrative of a previous work.

So, yes, this is a sequel.

Back on April 20, 2009 I wrote about how I have trouble asking for things, both the material and the immaterial.

That post is here!

It was basically about how I wanted blinds for my window, and even though my apartment manager had some she was willing to give me, I had trouble asking for them.

Well, as I’m sure you guessed by now, I asked and I got.

Sometime in May or June I do believe…

Then, over the long weekend in May, my landlord tried to put them up. Horrors, they were too long. And, once again, I vacillated for weeks on what to do and who could cut them for me.

Just before Father’s Day, inspiration struck. I could buy big shears and cut them myself!

I got shears for under $10.00 and set out one weekend, shortly after Father’s Day to cut them myself.

I was apprehensive. I am not a crafty person. There was much potential for disaster.

But, I gritted my teeth and gathered my tools together.

Blinds01We have here the blinds (blue – hooray they match my current colour scheme), the shears, a ruler and green masking tape. The original idea was to lay out the blinds, measure them and then cut.


As you can see here, I changed my mind. I decided to just go ahead and cut and cut. And cut some more!

Blinds03And cut … This was harder then it looked.








the blind was plastic and not metal or something else hard to cut.

This job was turning out to be harder than initially thought.

Good thing the shears were sharp. Good thing I didn’t cut myself or the floor when I dropped them!


An hour later, and two or three trips to measure them against my window, the blinds were finished. There was only a mess to clean up. Not a big mess, thankfully. Blinds07

Just one dust pan full…


And to think this was the quickest part of getting the blinds hung. They sat on my windowsill, in my bedroom, from June until the August 1st long weekend when my landlord could find time to hang them (again).


Finally, the blinds were up. The summer sun could be blocked (kind of) 🙂


Below are my bedroom curtains. I use two cloth shower curtains, back to back. I am cheap – this was less expensive then buying real curtains. And they work just as well. And I like them. The front one is a Paris scene and the back (liner) is the night sky.


Okay, I will admit they are not the best at blocking the sun. Put they are pretty and I like how my window looks.

And isn’t that what matters most?


And I learnt how to be brave and to ask for what I need. Yeah me… 🙂



  1. halloween spirit said,

    Great idea. They look lovely. Unique 🙂

  2. Sandra said,

    Nice job on the blind, and I like the curtains.

    btw, I started MY blog on September 22, 2007! How’s that for coincidence?

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