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Today is a perfect Fall day. Even though, it is a tad windy. It is a brisk breeze, shaking the leaves on the trees and creating small ripples on the river. One of those crisp, clear Fall days that I love. (I am not a Summer Spinster!)

Fall 01

It is perfect kite flying weather – if I were still the sort to fly kites. We used to, my BB & I, we used to go to the school yard and fly kites. I could never get mine to stay up. My YHS is a genius at getting a kite to stay up and to climb higher and higher. I wonder how she does that (I should send her an email and ask). My BBHB used to fly kites too and rocket ships; I wonder if he still does. If they still take the time to go fly a kite. Today, I cannot. Today, I am working.

Photographer: Ian Britton

Photographer: Ian Britton

Once upon a time I was an Outdoor girl, walking the small town paths and country roads, collecting Cattails, talking to the local horses, building tree houses, or off reading in the park gazebo.

Fall Colours 03

I remember calm mornings admiring the stillness of the lake.  I prefer to spend quiet, empty Fall days at the local lakes. It was so nice when I was finally able to drive myself where I wanted to go when I wanted to go there!

The local leaves are slowly starting to change colours, losing their vibrant green for paler yellows & oranges.

Fall 02

We hardly ever see vibrant reds here on the prairies. I miss Montreal most in the Fall. I miss all the bright maple leaves adorning Mount Royal.

Fall 03This is the brightest leaves I have seen so far this Fall.

Except for the planted ones – I have no idea what plant this is but I love the colour.

Fall Colours 02

Here is a further away view – perhaps that will help in the identification. 😉

Fall Colours 01

It is Fall.  There are quick changes in the temperature. It can vary from 29 degrees Celsius down to 7 or 8 degrees overnight. The leaves shiver down to their roots! I am happy. Hopefully, Winter will not come until after November 1st.


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