First Snow and Fall Suppers

October 10, 2009 at 8:06 pm (Memoir, Weather) (, , , , )

We had our first snow on Thursday. It started falling in the late morning. By the time I went out for lunch, there were big fluffy, flakes floating in the air and settling on all the green that just days before had been basking in the warmth of the sun.

Hopefully, it will warm up again and all this snow will melt before Halloween. We barely got any Fall; Fall only officially started here at 1:18 pm CST on Tuesday, September 22. That was, what, less than three weeks ago?

I do not have pictures of this. I really should keep my camera with me. I envisioned many lovely compositions on Thursday and now we shall never see how they would have turned out. 🙂

Here are a few pictures I took Friday morning on my walk to work…when it was minus 14 degrees Celsius with a wind chill. Brrr. (For you Americans that means the temperature was 6 degrees Fahrenheit.)


Here is a picture of birds (wrens? swallows?) foraging that morning in the park.First_Snow4a Don’t they look cold? Okay, maybe I’m projecting here. I was feeling very cold when I took that picture. It was about half-way through my walk. And I was worried the birds wouldn’t show up in the picture. (It’s a new camera – I’m still getting used to it.)

The next picture is of our Hollyhock plants here at work. They don’t look as cold. Perhaps, because they have such a warm snowy quilt covering them. 😉


In the world I grew up in it seemed that fall suppers were ubiquitous. They were everywhere. I recall that we could go to one, every weekend, from the start of school till Halloween. I’m sure, now, that this memory if false. Firstly, because, of course, Fall Suppers could not start until after the harvest was done. A Fall Supper is a community affair, everyone contributes something. Secondly, of course, they probably stopped at Thanksgiving (which, here in Canada, is this weekend) because by then everyone was tired of turkey.

Their name is debatable. Is it Fall Supper, because they are held in the Fall? Is it Fowl Supper, because the main meat is turkey? As long as it is not Foul Supper (a colleague jokes – LOL).

Traditionally, the small town I grew up in would have five separate suppers. Each church, Catholic, Lutheran, United, Pentecostal, would sponsor one and the school would also sponsor one. Now, we are down to one – only the school can still muster up enough workers and food. Coming from a small town, having left as so many of us did, I do wonder who will carry on these traditions. The church women, who use to do the cooking, are getting older. The churches, in small towns, are consolidating so that there are fewer churches. The children mostly leave or work outside the community.

This time of the year, I yearn for Fall Suppers. Weekends filled with turkey, community and camaraderie.

Here is a true bounty. There are groaning platters of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, jellied salads, vegetables and desserts. The tables glow with pies and cakes and home-made delicacies. I could go on forever praising this liturgy of food and love.

I want to be a small child again, running in and out of the hall. I want to be a young teen reading the names off the tombstones in the cemetery next to the hall. I want to be the one cooking and cleaning and gossiping in the kitchen. I was never the mother corralling the young-uns – this I did as an aunt. I will never be the crone sitting and reminiscing as I sip my tea; unless I move back.

I am glad it is Thanksgiving. I am happy to be going to my sister’s for turkey and gossip. I could do without the cold. I will end now, with a final picture from Friday. When I went to work in the morning this tree had all its leaves. When I came home it had shivered and shook all its leaves off. There they are blanketing the ground. Poor tree, it was not ready for the cold weather either.



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  1. halloween spirit said,

    Lovely photos of the snow. But glad I don’t get to see it in person . . . yet. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

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