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November 1, 2009 at 6:06 pm (Life, Meme, Memoir) (, , , , )

Yesterday was Halloween (Samhain) and today and tomorrow I will be in the midst of  El Día de los Muertos. This time of year I reflect and honour the goth within.  You may have noticed this from last week’s post. I’m continuing the theme this week as I participate in two different memes today and answer them both in a roundabout way!

The memes are from Art on the Darkside and Weekly Geeks.

First off, wScarecrowe have a fall, harvest, halloweeny picture for you. He looks a bit bored, don’t you think. I don’t know how many Trick or Treaters he saw but I had none. This is one of the perils of living in a downtown apartment. Most people with children are in the suburbs! I didn’t put him up. I just took his picture and cropped it for my own pleasure.

It seems strange to have Halloween on a Saturday. I don’t remember weekend Halloweens as a child. I don’t even remember Trick or Treating in the light. In my memories Halloween is always dark. I remember rushing home from school, grabbing a pillowcase (that was our treat bag – it was a small town and we planned on hitting every house) and going out with my friends and my younger brother and his friends. The next day was spent in a sugar hangover from all the treats we didn’t normally have.

I have a bit of a sugar hangover today. I saw coloured popcorn at the Farmer’s Market yesterday and just had to have some. PopcornGrandma Katie (she wasn’t related to us, she lived next door until we moved when I was thirteen) always made coloured popcorn for special occasions. It’s what she gave out for Halloween. Her house was always our first stop. Every child in town got a small lunch bag full of popcorn; the bags were probably six inches tall. She must have made popcorn all October so that she would have enough. It’s a shame that Treats are no longer homemade! So, the popcorn I bought yesterday was way too sweet – Grandma Katie’s popcorn wasn’t sugar flavoured, just coloured. 🙂

El Día de los Muertos is a new tradition. I discovered it when I was in Montreal. I’ve always been a bit on the goth side. My best friend and I use to hang out in Graveyards and I still love a quiet afternoon in an old graveyard. I think it’s important that we remember who came before us and that some day we will be gone. Then all that our loved ones will have will be memories or stories or the odd picture (I hate having my picture taken – always have).

I love the fact that you can buy skeleton paraphernalia that depict your dead friends and relatives. I want to make a skeleton reading a book, hiding in the corner, surrounded by her cat and dog. This would be me; this is how I would want to be remembered even though the image is old. That was me over forty years ago though, on second thought, it’s me now too minus the cat and dog. Though I wish I could have a cat here in my apartment. Oh, how I ramble on!

So, Weekly Geeks asks are things getting a little more weird and creepy than usual. My answer would be no. My life has always been weird and creepy. I was a child in the sixties when trolls were a popular childhood toy, a teen in the seventies when Stephen King started writing horror but then again I’ve always been drawn to the Gothic. Never had the money for the wardrobe but horror is something I read widely in. And I covet the clothes.

Right now, I’m listening to Wicked and I must say my sympathies lie with Elphaba.

This weekend remember all of us are only here for a moment and can only hope that someone will remember us as we really were. Me, I’m weird and goth and like to hang out in graveyards.

Graveyard Robin



  1. centria said,

    I just wrote a post about the Day of the Dead, too! Cemeteries seem very peaceful places to hang out, at least I think so. Today the little songbirds chattered away in the trees above the ancient graves. Have never eaten colored popcorn, though! And we don’t get any trick-or-treaters out in the woods, either.

  2. Kara aka Mother Henna said,

    Thanks much for sharing your post in our blog fest… I love graveyards, too! Always have. When we travel, I drag my hubby to the oldest graveyards we can find wherever we are. There is one back in PA, a Union Cemetery that i love… and one out in WA in Port Townsend, lovely. Anyway, remembering with you on Day of the Dead!

  3. Meikoningin said,

    What a lovely post ! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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