This is My City

November 22, 2009 at 7:42 pm (My City) (, , , , )

This is my city. A city of bridges in the midst of a lonely province centered within a vast prairie.

Joni Mitchell grew up here. This is the river she use to skate away on. The river doesn’t freeze hard enough anymore to skate on. Why? I suspect it is because the river now has a dam upon it. I hear that this keeps the river just above the freezing point no matter how cold winter gets. And, damn, it gets cold up here.

Here is Joni playing just down from the University Bridge. The art is by SCYAP , they have painted various traffic control boxes all around downtown. Another view of the same traffic control box is below.

I’ve lived in this city on and off since the 1980’s. I leave. I come back. It is my favourite Saskatchewan city. And yes, I have lived in other Saskatchewan cities. In this city, I’ve lived on the west side, the east side and downtown.

Each neighbourhood has a different flavour. Each decade has been different. I’ve watched the city ebb and flow. I watched it grow to engulf and swallow up the nearby prairie. I like it small. I’ve lived in bigger cities. I lived in warmer cities.

This is my city (for now). 😉

I will leave you with several views of my favourite traffic control box. The pictures are in the order I think is most logical!

It is drawn in the tradition of pop art romance comics.

There is a lovely young ingenue and a villainous hero.

Will True Love prevail?

When an outsider comes to a new place, he sees the picturesque and the freakish, whereas the local sees through layers of emotion and memory (Walter Benjamin).

This is my city.


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  1. centria said,

    I love all the photos of your city! It looks like a wonderful place to live…

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