Silent Interlude

December 31, 2009 at 11:01 am (Life, Update) (, , )

I am in a maudlin mood.

I went home for the holidays; home still meaning the place where I was raised. It is too quiet. The people I want to see are either gone or spread too far apart. I would need weeks to see everyone.

I drove the truck. If I finally buy a vehicle, it will be a truck. I visited with various dogs and was, mostly, ignored by my sister’s cats.  There were too  many places to go and not enough time.

I was suppose to come home (my apartment) on Monday and be at work on Tuesday. My aunt/godmother died Christmas Eve which was also her wedding anniversary. I stayed for the funeral and came home yesterday. There is never enough time.

I watch one generation age and die. I watch the next one come up and age. Somewhere the two intersect.

My cousin becomes his dad who becomes his dad (my paternal grandfather long gone already). My nephew starts to look like the old pictures of my young maternal grandfather. My niece reluctantly turns into her mother. I become my mother, she becomes hers and eventually I will morph into my maternal grandmother’s looks and soul.

I miss the steady never quite achieved I can count on them for anything ancestors.

Remember, there is never enough time.


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  1. Sandra said,

    Oh don’t be maudlin, Gigi. Be glad that you have roots, even after a generation has passed. Speaking from my “advanced age” I can say that my roots have kept me grounded all my life, in a way unique to family.

    May your New Year be blessed. 🙂

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