Hidden Treasures

February 7, 2010 at 5:03 pm (My City) (, , , , , , )

In every city (town, village, hamlet…nay, country) there are little hidden gems. They lurk half hidden, half forgotten, off the beaten path and just out of reach around the corner. Above is one of ours; I call it the Statue Graveyard; others have called it a Sculpture Garden.

It is located in a back corner of the University adjacent to the river and the Meewasin walking trail. It is the final resting place of statues that have been donated to either the University or the city (I think); statues that may have had other homes or statues that are lost and lonely (perhaps).

Most of the statues are nameless as well as homeless. They are seldom seen. I came across them when I was temporally homeless myself and went to live at one of the campus dorms for a month a summer or so ago. These pictures were taken the Fall after on a cloudy, stormy Saturday. I haven’t gone back for winter pictures as the Statue Graveyard is over an hour walk from my place when the trail is walkable (and right now, for various reasons, it is not). So, I would have to take the long way around which would take two to three hours that I don’t feel like giving up right now. Even though, today I am being lazy and a stay-at-home enjoying the sunshine, like a cat, through half curtained windows.

Here, you can see University buildings in the background and construction cranes, from last year’s project, to the left and the right. I wonder, are the satellite dishes artifact or operational? Here is a field perfect for flying kites or family picnics right beside another of our museums. But no one goes to visit; the Statue Graveyard is always empty of living, breathing individuals, when I go there. There are, however, numerous gopher holes – watch your step if you go. You wouldn’t want to twist your ankle.

Starting this week and to the end of February, I will explore three of the statues and make up stories for you about them. I have a few supposes for you but little fact. I will be a pirate plundering pleasure from hidden treasures for my own (and hopefully, your) enjoyment.

See you next week.


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