Garage Sale Ruminations

June 27, 2010 at 5:02 pm (Life) (, , , , , )

It’s been a busy week. My step-dad came in for heart surgery last Tuesday and my mom & occasionally, my eldest sister, have been crashing at my place. Crashing, being the appropriate word, as my place is small and feels smaller when I have more than one person staying with me.

We had time to kill and so we went to a garage sale yesterday. I need to remember that my mother can’t pass up the opportunity to save money. In my opinion, she bought a few things she didn’t need. I live in a small apartment; I hardly ever buy anything I don’t need.

Hardly ever being the important phrase in that last sentence.

I did buy two items that I didn’t really need.

“Why?” you ask.

Because I am too maudlin, I guess, too foolishly sentimental.

This is the first item I bought:

The note made me wander why no one in the family wanted to keep the bowl or if maybe, there was no family to pass the story down to. So, instead, a stranger will construct a new story for the bowl which she paid a dollar for – which is also what the original price might have been. What do you think?

The second item I bought was this book:

Yes, I do read and enjoy the humour of Bloom County but that was not my primary reason for buying the book.

This was:

For those who cannot read my blurry picture, the dedication reads:

To Es with love on our 2nd Valentine’s Day. May there be many more and may there be as many laughs in our lives as there are in this book. (And more!) Love You! Linda xo

Sad, sad; what do you think happened to their love? Maybe, I’m just being too sentimental – I plan on keeping the poems my last boyfriend wrote me until the day I die. After that, I hope someone (nieces, nephews, or a feminist library archive somewhere) will be interested enough in my stories to pass them on.

Garage Sales – not only a summer tradition but also a font of ideas for stories.

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  1. Kryssy said,

    Garage Sales ARE a summer tradition. Where I was born and raised and like your mother mine COULD NOT pass up a way to save money.

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