Hopelessly Lost in Edinburgh

July 4, 2010 at 6:01 pm (Life, Recreation) (, , , , , )

Today, I am taking Kathy’s advice and not thinking too much about what to write. I will just write. I will tell you some more about my recent tour of Scotland.

I will tell you about the morning I was hopelessly lost in Edinburgh.

It was the last official day of the trip. The only item on our agenda was a tour of Edinburgh castle – follow the link, their pictures are much better than mine.

We toured the castle from 9:00 am till 10:30 am and then were allowed to wander the castle & city by ourselves for the rest of the day. My plan was to stay at the castle until around 1 pm and then go find an academic bookstore because there was a book I’ve wanted for years and could never find over here.

Once I was DONE with the castle – way too much to see and way too crowded – I got directions to the nearest bookstore from our tour guide and wandered off to find it. Which was easy and they had the book I wanted plus it was on sale.

Hooray. 🙂

So, how did I get lost? I have a horrible sense of direction and coming out of the bookstore I got turned around.

I spent two hours wondering through the Old Town:

And the New Town (designed in 1766).

I wandered through the University grounds, where I stopped to ask for directions and got sent back the way I had come. I remembered an Advice Shop that we had passed that morning. If I could find it, I could go in and get some advice on how not to be lost. I think I’d ask them how not to ever get lost again, both in actuality and metaphorically.

I seem to feel lost a lot lately. I’m considering changing careers (again). I kinda know the answer but not the questions and recently, someone told me that if you can’t formulate the question, you can’t find the answer and I’m starting to believe them. So, as you can tell, I could definitely benefit from some impartial advice right now. Anyone know where I can find an Advice shop over here?

After asking for directions three times, I felt braver because I usually don’t ask strangers for help, but I was still lost. Around about then I stumbled across the National Library of Scotland (address – George IV Bridge).

I should have gone in and asked the Librarians for directions or a map; Librarians are very helpful!

Go click and look at that map. Remember, I started at the Castle and my hotel was on Charlotte Square. Do you see how easy that walk would have been if I had a map?I can tell you right now what my problem was, I wandered over the South Bridge instead of going North. Remember, heed my advice, to not get lost always have a map (or a friend who knows where they’re going). Because, I suspect, even with a map, I would still get lost.

Ah well, all well that ends well. I got back to my hotel around 3 pm, tired & sun-burnt, and had a lovely cold bath in a marvelously deep bath tub.

Being hopelessly lost was not a total loss.

I saw some wonderful art (this is a chalk drawing, by the way):

And I gained some knowledge (this graffiti was over by the University).

Best of all, I found my way back and gained a story that, after all the fuss, makes me smile as I tell it. Do yourself a favour, remember to occasionally get lost, read graffiti and talk to strangers.


  1. Kathy said,

    What a great post, Gigi! I love your second photo…especially the color of that green. I can remember my daughter and I being lost in European towns, desperately trying to find our hotel or bed n breakfast. Not fun! I feel like sending my daughter the pic of that “Advice Shop”. Wouldn’t that be nice to go in and get life advice?

  2. Photo Challenge: Symbol | Solitary Spinster said,

    […] National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh when I walked past it. I didn’t go in because I was lost and stressed. If I had gone in I would have become less stressed and (probably) less […]

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