The Fringe

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On the fringe? At the fringe? On the edges of the fringe? defines fringe as “an outer edge; margin; periphery”: an example being “on the fringes of the art world.”

I am going to the Fringe, this week. My Augusts are almost always full of theatre and music. It starts with the Fringe, continues with Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan and then I spend at least one day at the Ex.  I have been going to the Fringe for the last eight years and went to at least one Fringe Festival before I went to Montreal for university.

What I enjoy most about the Fringe is that it is chock full of alternative and inexpensive theatre. I enjoy going to live theatre and wish that I had more money to explore the options. One day, perhaps, I’ll get to Stratford or Broadway. Until then, the Fringe is where I get my theatre fix.

An enjoyable find during my lost sojourn in Edinburgh was discovering this:

Isn’t it a bright, colourful, pretty, happy looking place?

This is how I experience Fringe – as colourful, enjoyable and interesting; a happy experience because for the last few years it is something my eldest sister and I usually do together.

Here is my collection of Fringe buttons; they range from 2003 – 2010. The top pin is, I think, from 1990 the year I left Saskatoon for Montreal. If anyone can verify this, please comment. It is a lapel pin, bronze and looks like a small movie ticket with a tiny bite in the top right. Written on it is “Saskato FRINGE Admit One.”

Every year, Fringe has a theme. 2003 was Fringin’ in a free World

2004 was Fringe off the Wall

2005 was Fringe back to Camelot

That year it was a medieval theme and there were, I think, four button choices. I kept both mine and my sister’s button.

2006 was Discover Fringe Theatre

2007 was I heart the Fringe and 2008 was dive in

2009 was Explore the Edges and this year, 2010, has no tag line, just an image…

You can see this year’s image much clearer on the program’s cover. I like it. It is vibrant and the symbols encompass all the disciplines within the art world

Here are my plans for this year’s Fringe. I typically see from three to five plays, it depends on my budget. Usually, at least one of the plays contains nudity. I have the next two days off so I plan to see two plays on Monday and one on Tuesday. After that, my sister and I go to see Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan) Thursday evening and then I will have spent all my allotted theatre funds for August.

I am going to Death: Live!, When Harry met Harry and Whores and Old Maids-Like Me. The titles, more than the synopsizes, speak to me. I will leave reviews in the comments after Tuesday night.

This is where my buttons sit the rest of the year; in a small tin pie plate, left over from my childhood, along with other pins, my charm bracelet given to me by another sister, recently acquired Scottish pence pieces and a orange star eraser that makes me smile.

Do you have a Fringe festival near you? Do you go?



  1. solitaryspinster said,

    Have seen two plays,so far.

    Whores & Old Maids was okay.

    Death:Live! is getting its own blog post next week. I highly recommend this play!

  2. solitaryspinster said,

    Ended up seeing two more plays: The Sputniks and Daydream.

    Daydream was okay; it was about a mother & son so I didn’t really relate to it. My sister (a mom) laughed more.

    The Sputniks was very good. It was one woman playing three (or more) characters and she was very believable in every role. I’d recommended it to those in the other cities it will be going on to.

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