Planning For The End

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Today is my 110th post. Yes, I know most bloggers celebrate when they write their 100th post but I waited until now for a reason. I am a planner. I started blogging with a plan – what I do is bring you, my readers, a weekly, eclectic column.  I plan to post every Sunday though it doesn’t always work out that way, does it?

I am planning to live until my 110th birthday. This is my goal. This is the plan. I want to be here when Canada celebrates its 200th, to participate in Canada’s bicentennial!

Before I went on my trip in May, I wrote out (for the first time) what I want to happen to my remains after I’m gone. I knew if I didn’t my mother would bury me her way which is not what I want. I’m considering either a green burial or cremation among other things. I’ve always been slightly morbid – I like cemeteries & I’ve considered these an unique idea and since I’m also cheap, I don’t want anyone spending a lot on my burial. One of my Bookmark categories is entitled Crime, Darkness & Death and includes these websites:

Association for Gravestone Studies – Home
Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project! – Instructables
Colourful Coffins
Cons, Frauds and Other Lies
Mount Royal Cemetary
Obit Magazine
Pushin Daisies

I want sixty more years.

In honour of my 110th post, I give you my obituary as it would have appeared if I hadn’t made it back from Scotland.

Solitary Spinster was born in Germany on April 6, 1960 although all her legal documents list her birth date as April 7th. She was told, by her father, that because she was born after 6pm, her birth certificate was thus dated for the next day as this was the custom in the Air Force at the time.

She was a self-proclaimed blue eyed, silver-grey headed spinster. She started to blog in September 2008 at

Though she lived in three provinces, Alberta, Quebec & Saskatchewan and visited three others, B. C., Manitoba, & Ontario, she regrets that she was not able to visit all of Canada, from coast to coast to coast. The craziest and happiest time of her live was spent in Montreal. This is where she got both her Bachelors degree and her Masters in Library Science. She never did get to San Francisco to visit Alcatraz or St. Petersburg to view the palaces that Anastasia danced in and never saw a play on Broadway in New York City. She should have traveled more.

Gigi was never without a book. She loved the Grimm’s gory version of Cinderella and the fairytale retellings in “Kissing the Witch” by Emma Donoghue. Perhaps this is why she became a librarian, to be near books and to be able to be the first to read the new books.

Her favourite treat was raspberries and she always wanted to try growing a raspberry cane in a big pot so that she could have raspberries year-round. Would it have worked, do you think?

She was forever losing cats. Every time she moved, they refused to move with her. She always wanted another cat; a permanent cat, a Siamese.

She is survived by her parents, her 8 siblings, 21 nieces & nephews and 6 great-nieces & nephews. She will miss all of them immensely.

If you want to honour her memory, donate to any library or literary association in her name.

Thank you. It was a good life but honestly, I wanted another sixty years. My goal had always been to be alive to celebrate Canada’s bicentennial in 2067.

110. It’s a large number, isn’t it? This week, the universe knowing that my mind was focused on getting to my 110th post and why this number was significant, threw at me many blog posts focusing on the end.

This blogger was trying to plan a world-view inclusive funeral for Wonder Woman. A library user at Library-mofo was requesting books that she was weary of still being alive to read when they came in. I have this fear; I wish to stay alive long enough to read all the books I want to read. Obit is an online magazine I read weekly.  This week, they have a review of a movie that I plan to see tomorrow that is about a man who planned and attended his own funeral. Ravenix, at Witchvox, reminds me of why I like cemeteries.

In honour of my 110th post, I am sponsoring a giveaway. I have, for one lucky reader, a book and other Saskatchewan-centric items. To enter, leave a comment any time this week and next Saturday, I will randomly choose a winner. The contest is open to everyone.

Thanks for reading my weekly ramblings.


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  1. George Frankel said,

    Actually you might consider a green cremation memorial, Eternal Reefs. These are living legacies that help to preserve and protect the marine environment and will create a meaningful benefit for future generations. Eternal Reefs is the only memorial that encourages friends and family members to participate with the creation of their loved ones memorial. They can mix the concrete and remains and cast the reef. They then have the opportunity to personalize the reef with handprints and written messages in the damp concrete. They take ownership of the memorial and are fully vested in the health of the marine environment. We also have a web site for those people who have passed away and are in an urn on the shelf somewhere in the house. It is a tongue in cheek look at the journey these people are on. It is
    Thanks, George

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