Things That Make Me Smile: Roadtrip Edition

November 15, 2010 at 3:21 pm (Fun, Life, Travel) (, , , , , , , , )

I have just spent the weekend on the road; eight hours there on Thursday, two days of fun, and eight hours back yesterday. It was expensive but fun.

I went on the roadtrip with my eldest sister. We travel well together; neither of us thinks all the travel has to be spent in the car. Yesterday, for example, we stopped about every two hours for ten minutes and I was home by 5pm and she was home by 8pm. Good thing we’re not traveling today – there are storm warnings out. 😦

The travel went well. Driving conditions were perfect. There wasn’t too much traffic. The view most of the way was like the picture above; a lot of flat expansiveness of prairie broken by the occasional small town. The main trip was done on highway between Saskatoon and Calgary; two vastly different cities.

Thank the stars for cruise control. When I was driving, we both drove about the same amount of time but I don’t drive in Calgary, the cruise was set around 110 (that’s kilometers per hour not miles). Yesterday, we meandered a bit more taking the wrong highway for awhile; wrong because there was construction delays. Thankfully, we were able to turn off fairly soon and go back the way we came which we knew had no construction delays.

Our final destination was Canmore. This is where our Dad is. Dad had hip surgery recently so the main point of the trip was to check-in with him and our step-mom. The best part of the trip was seeing siblings (unfortunately not all of them) and spending time with my sisters.

Above is a view of the Three Sisters Mountain Range. They are a Canmore landmark and have personal resonance for me. My family is split by two; mom and dad had four kids and my dad and stepmom had five kids. There are 3 girls, 3 boys, followed by 3 more girls. I have five sisters, there are three sisters in each family and thus, in my mind, the mountains represent us all. My sisters are special to me and I don’t get to see them as often as I like. Ideally, I’d like us all to be in the same city or at least the same province.

But then, we might get tired of each other. Maybe there would be less perfect days. I know if it happened all the time I’d never be able to keep up with some of my sister’s shopping. Heaven knows I’m not as into exercise or hiking or beauty as some of them. But we are sisters and Friday afternoon in Banff with two of them was perfect. Familiar in spirit and location. Home.

It was a perfect weekend. The days were tiring and long and too much time was spent in the car. However, there were so many perfect moments. Heading home, early Sunday morning, just as we drove away from the hotel there was an amazing pink, orange sunrise nestled between two mountains. We debated about stopping to get a picture but both eldest sister and I felt the picture would look best taken from higher up. So, we didn’t stop. We drove on enjoying the sunrise. I don’t see a lot of sunrises; I tend to not be out at that time of day.

What I give you above is a picture of a city sunset instead.

This is love – roadtrips and sisters and family and sunrises.  These things make me smile.

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