Decorating (and undecorating)

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It is that time of year again; everywhere you look there are bright, colourful lights and pretty displays. However, this is usually not the practice at my house. I am expected elsewhere for Christmas so I usually don’t bother with decorating or a tree. (At least that’s my official excuse).

This is how my teeny, tiny tree looked when I started. It had two tiny, battery powered lights, a candy cane my boss gave me, and a mouse I picked up during Yarmarok.

I wasn’t happy with the arrangement so I moved the items around and added the three balls I picked up on my trip to Canmore. I really like the contrast between the red, black and white.

A little more rearranging and I added the two glass ornaments that I picked up at Sundog.

What was missing? Something was definitively missing? Using my new printer and marginal craft skills, I assembled an Angel for the top from these two templates – the Paper Cone Angel and the Canadian Angel. I like it even though it’s bald; poor, sad, bald Angel.

I took  my Solstice box out of the closet and opened it to see what else I might want to add. I added more mice, a spider, and a couple of Grinchy ornaments.

Here is a closer view of my way too cluttered, teeny, tiny tree. I don’t like it anymore. What is the problem?

I like the bits and pieces of it.

My bald Canadian Angel makes me smile every time I look at it. This is the sort of Angel who would hang out with these young people and be able to laugh at Angel jokes.

I think mice are rather nice. The first poem I memorized was about mice. I’ll have to try these mice recipes sometime next year.

Spiders are a favourite insect. They are good luck and play a part in many holiday celebrations.

The Grinch is my favourite Holiday story. I guess because we both aren’t big fans of shopping and all the forced happy, happy pushed into this time of year. I’m more of a grinch, I think, than a scrooge.  I’m willing to celebrate this time of year; I just want to be able to celebrate my own way once in awhile.

I love the bright colourful tree within the tree.

So, it’s not the bits that are the problem. It’s the arrangement, the clutter, and the expectations. It is that I’m recreating other’s traditions instead of embracing my own heart’s desires.

I want a real tree but I feel guilty about purchasing one and then discarding it. A potted tree wouldn’t work because what do I do with after the season is over. Plus, to do it right would cost more than I’m willing to spend. I only own enough ornaments for a small tree.

It is time to develop my own traditions. I took the tree apart and just kept a few decorations up; the ones that celebrate what I believe in.

To me, this season is about the absence of light and the bringing in of the light, the warmth into the house.

So, I kept my angel and my stars. I moved my Yarmarok mouse to frolic by the Halloween totem with Cawper (who you’ll meet eventually).

I decorated the light instead of a tree to remind myself that soon the days will be getting longer and that I will no longer be walking back and forth to work in the dark.

I kept my bald angel; she still brings forth a smile every time I look at her.

She needs hair though. What do you, more crafty type people than me, suggest?

Hope your holidays are joyful no matter what or how you celebrate.



  1. Kathy said,

    Awww, sweet! I like your little tree a lot. I especially like the Grinch. Wish we had one, too. 🙂

  2. Jillian said,

    I like the tree with the ornaments all on it. Decorations—mismatched and all over the place—are part of bringing in the light for me. I should show you pictures of our cemetery trees—they are totally tacky (likely doubly so since they’re in a cemetery) and yet absolutely perfect. This year, Heather’s tree has my new present for her: a Gainer the gopher in a mini-shopping cart. Everyone who saw it said “Oh my gosh, that’s so Heather!”. And that’s what Christmas trees should do—remind you of thing things that are important or special or fun.

    Then again, trees are great for holding things because there are lots of branches but I suppose as long as you have something to hold each thing, it can work whatever it is. For example, I really like the Canmore decorations. Maybe they can hang from your cupboard handles? You could end up with touches of beauty tied to the season all throughout your house instead of restricting it to just one location. Think outside the tree, eh?

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