Dressing Denny

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In my city there is an abundance of life-like statues. They sit upon horses, they feed chickens, they buy newspapers and they stand beside or run alongside the river bank. I almost expect them to call out a greeting as I hurry pass and I don’t think I’m the only one around with such a fanciful imagination.

There stands, close to where I work, the statue of Denny Carr. He was a local radio DJ for the radio station I’ve listened to since I was a teenager. My brother listened to a rock station out of Moose Jaw and the ongoing argument, in the car, was always over what station we would listen to. I was a little bit country and he was a little bit rock n’ roll. The final agreement was that who ever was driving got to choose the station. So I grew up exposed to many genres of music and still cultivate eclectic musical tastes.

Denny would jog along the Mewassin Trail every day and this is why his commemorative statue was placed there. You wonder why I choose to talk about this statue today, don’t you?

He’s very life-like, isn’t he? Kathy, over at Lake Superior Spirit, is hosting a gratitude challenge right now and this has made me consider the things around me that make me smile. This statue makes me smile. It brings forth old memories and happy times but that is not the only reason seeing it makes me smile.

We are a university town. Thus, a good portion of our population consists of young, transient students. Bored, young students looking to entertain and amuse themselves; playing pranks on each other and the community at large.

I walk along the riverbank on a regular basis and never know when Mr. Carr will have changed his clothes.

Some one is playing dress-up. Some one is missing playing with paper dolls. Why suspect university students? Well, the sweat shirt above is in the university colours, green and white. Plus, the statue is at the bottom of the University Bridge and therefore is only a few blocks from the university itself. Also, who else would have the time, infinite patience and ironic sense of humour to pull this off on a semi-regular basis?

Can you imagine how complicated dressing a statue would be?

I’ve gotten up close and can tell you that none of the clothing I have pictures of is torn in the dressing process. The clothes are all large in size, of course. I’d like to try dressing Denny one day but I am not sneaky enough.

It would be a bit like dressing a reluctant toddler or a corpse. The button-down work shirt would be the easiest to put on; get the arms through the sleeves and after that it’s all smooth sailing.

It’s a little bit like Halloween; rearrange the shirt, add a hat and you have a totally new costume. I wonder if Denny ever worked construction. I’m betting yes as most men here in Saskatchewan tried construction work at least once, way back in my youth, in the dark ages.

Denny was a jogger. The plague, beside this statue, proclaims:

Denny Carr was the morning voice of radio in
Saskatchewan for nearly forty years.

He volunteered his time on a daily basis to
help improve the lives of others.

On any given day in any season, you could see
Denny jogging past this very spot.

This statue is a tribute to the special friend
Who touched us all.

What have you done for someone today?

Can’t you just feel/see the perspiration soaking into the muscle shirt above?

The organization that Denny is best remembered for founding, here in my city, is Secret Santa.

So, I leave you with a final fitting clothing change.

What made you smile today?



  1. fashionmixture said,

    beautiuful and attractive pics.

  2. Sammy Sweetheart said,

    wheres Denny gone?

    • solitaryspinster said,

      He died a long time ago.

      • solitaryspinster said,

        And since I (probably) totally misunderstood the question…

        The statue of Denny is at the bottom(downtown side) of the University/25th Street bridge here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At least he is, as of today, but I can’t guarantee he’ll stay there as the city will, on occasion, move statues around but probably never this one as Denny is where he is for a reason.

        The reason being that this is where he use to run when he was alive.

        I hope this answers your question.

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