Red Riding Hood

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It’s a hush-a-bye morning. Snow mutes the city, muffles the sound of traffic and spins sparkles in the air.

I went for a walk in the woods this morning. I walked through a city built of wood and brick where trees are still cherished and cultivated. I wandered lost and lonely feeling just a little bit like Red Riding Hood; off on a small errand that may or may not turn into a great adventure.

I’ve always been a good girl, not one to wander off the path. I follow rules. I listen to my mother. I read faery tales and learnt well what happen to little girls who yearned for more.

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Do you know this story? An innocent girl goes out into the woods alone. Innocent because she is young, not yet corrupted by the ways of the world. She listens to her mother; there is no mention of a father. She visits her sick grandmother; there is no mention of a grandfather. This is a women’s universe.

Everywhere I look lately I run into Little Red Riding Hood.

Jason Lee photographs his daughters fending off himself as the wolf (scroll down to the ninth picture).

Chrissie White photographs her dreams and envisions herself as the wolf (pictures 14 & 15). Is she predator or is she lost in the woods just like Red?

I pick up a familiar magazine’s foreign counterpart and there she is in her glorious red.

UKGlamour Dec 2010 p263

Red; you stand out when you’re wearing red. You get noticed. People notice you.

Is Little Red Riding Hood all that innocent?

Could she, Little Red Riding Hood, be indirectly related to the Redcaps? Redcaps need blood to survive. They thrive on the violence, the shedding of blood.

Many of the Red Riding Hood stories portray Red as less than innocent, as perhaps, slightly blood-thirsty.

How innocent are we?


How innocent am I?

How innocent do I want to be?

Following the path, especially someone else’s path, does not make me happy.


I wander the woods feeling slightly blood-thirsty, wanting a less than conventional life and keeping an eye out for wolves.


I am not Little Red Riding Hood.

It’s been a very long time since I could be considered little in stature.

It’s been decades since I could be considered innocent.

It’s been centuries since I could be considered naive.




I would rather be the predator than the prey. I want to revel in the messiness, the bloodiness of life.


I want to get down and dirty. I want to laugh and cry and kick and bite.

I am tired of going gently into the night.


P.S. February 2011 is my Fairy Tale month. The next three posts will also deal with Fairy Tales.

P.S.S. For a bloody, feminist take on werewolves I highly recommend Ginger Snaps. It is very, very, very bloody so if you’re squeamish you probably don’t want to watch this movie!! Find reviews and information here and here.


  1. giggles said,

    Interesting and thought provoking post. Although, having been the feisty one in my youth, never naive, just unaware at times, I prefer a peaceful existence now. I’m done with the messiness and bloodiness of life! Well done!

    • solitaryspinster said,

      Thanks for the comment. The problem with living alone is too much peace – a little bloodiness would be nice (but just a little).


  2. Altonian said,

    Anyone fancy a pint? I feel I need one after reading that. Don’t want to meet you up a dark alley.

    • solitaryspinster said,

      I tend to stay out of dark alleys and bars. Mostly, I’m still a good girl yearning for naughty!


  3. Jingle said,

    love it.

    • solitaryspinster said,


  4. solitaryspinster said,

  5. Amy Sundberg said,

    Oh, I’m excited that you’re doing fairy tales all month!

  6. Marion said,

    Fairy Tales have been my very favourite reading material, even yet! I am looking forward to more. What a great idea you’ve been blessed with!!

  7. Kathy said,

    This was a really great post, gigi! thought provacative. I am pondering Ms. Riding Hood. I am thinking that perhaps there are ways that I am like her, and ways that I am different. Will ponder this today. Aren’t fairy tales universal because we can relate to their archetypical themes? Think of all the fairy-tale and personal stories you can weave together in the next month.

  8. Synchronicity in Red | Solitary Spinster said,

    […] grew up having much in common with Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve blogged about this before. I guess I’m not done with her […]

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