Weekly Geeks 2011 – 20: Technology and Reading

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Today’s post is brought to you by Weekly Geeks.

This challenge is about us Geeker’s taking a look at our reading so far and see how far we’ve come regarding the format of the books we read.  Erotic Horizon wants us to look at changes in the types of formats we use, whether it has happened and if it has been a good thing or a bad thing for us.

Here are the questions I choose to answer:

1. Did you have a hard and fast mindset in regards to your reading a year ago? (paperback, ebooks etc)

I’m very open with my reading; I’ve always been open to any book in any format. However, I have carpal tunnel (which oddly enough developed from my repetitive reading motions) and find most hardcover and many paperback books aggravate the condition. The older I get the more annoying most traditional book formats have become. Because of this I am sincerely considering getting an e-book.

2. If you have tried another format (ebook, audio) – Share your experience?

I have tried audio books but find them limiting. I am a multi-tasker; I quite often read while watching television. I find that I can’t listen to a book and do something else unless I am in a car. I have a copy of the BBC production of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe and an extremely witty mystery short story about someone breaking into Graceland. The short story is less than half an hour and thus is perfect for short trips. I tried listening to Hitchhiker’s as I cleaned house and had to stop cleaning because my mind could not focus. I think this has something to do with me being a linguistic learner rather than an auditory one.

3.  Give a brief over view of where you are at with your reading now, eg, loads of paperbacks lying round, or the out of sight out of mind e-reader putting your mind at ease, or life as you know it has tossed you a curve ball and forced you to think outside of the box?

Right now, I am reading books that I bought between 2000 and 2004. Long story short – in 2000 I went back to work after ten years of school and unemployment. I went a little crazy buying books because I could now afford to. I ended up with three packing boxes that kept getting moved but not read because I read the library books first. I finally made a resolution this year to read the books I owned and am about two-thirds finished. They are mostly paperbacks with a few hardcovers here and there. They are fiction, non-fiction, young adult and children’s books. When I am finished with them, I pass them on so that others can enjoy them. I am her.

I tend not to keep books when I’ve finished reading them and this is why the library is an ideal third place for me. This is also why I think an e-reader would be a good investment. It would be lighter than a hard cover, the pages would scroll differently than a book and I would need no space to store books. The disadvantages are the cost, concerns over what files (pdf etc) the device would support and how one goes about borrowing a library e-book (my library only recently began to lend e-books) plus my sister would no longer have a book connection to foist books on her.

In conclusion, I hope to soon own an e-reader once I decide on which one is best for my needs and I am no longer unemployed. So, hopefully, this will happen sometime this year. 😉


  1. Erotic Horizon said,

    I am sincerely considering getting an e-book

    Get it , get it , get it.. LOL..

    Love your post – .. My mom mentioned my habit years ago of reading and taking part in other things -she is always amazed i actually get any reading down…

    I never consciously do it – I just do it.. Very pleased to know I am not the only one.

    I love your determination to whittle down your TBR pile – I try, I do try with mine – but between e-books, library books, my volunteer work in a bookshop – I am over-run by books..

    I am at the phase now where i just read…

    Thank you for taking part this week..


    • solitaryspinster said,

      So, which e-reader would you suggest; a kindle, a nook, sonys? Which is easier to use with libraries? Any information would be appreciated?

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