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September 26, 2011 at 4:09 pm (Book Commentary, Fun) (, , , , , , , , , )

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday (family obligation, busy weekend).

Which, thankfully, also included this:

A festival dedicated to words, words, words.

All that was missing was someone hawking the OED. One day, I’m going to own a complete print edition.

The library has been advertising for months.

I’ve been looking forward to the event ever since I couldn’t get to last years which was at the Farmers’ Market.

This year the festival was in front of the main library.

I go there a lot (at least, once a week).

Unfortunately, the day was tooo hot, for me.

I am a Fall creature; I thrive best between 25 Celsius and minus 25 Celsius – a temperature that is somewhat moderate, not too cold.

There were giant games, retail booths and three tents/venues dedicated just to readings.

Words, words, word…

Brought to you by the letter W.

I went early. I left early.  I almost melted in the heat.

Thank the stars, the air conditioned library was one of the reading venues!

I stayed for the poetry slam which was number 1 on my to do list.

Tonight Its Poetry hosted the slam.

My favourite poet was Khodi Dill; his poem was about the demise of libraries.

After 2 hours, in the blazing (30 degrees Celsius) sun, I took the bus home.

Here is the swag I collected.

I love swag…

The only item I paid for was the bag ( a toonie) – is it not lovely?

I’m hoping next year that the day is not so hot so that I can enjoy more words, words, words!


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  1. Sherry Crossan said,

    Awesome site. Great post. Well done.

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