Tribbles and Bits – Halloween 2011

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Tribbles & Bits is a recurring blog topic of mine. The first post is here and an August edition is here. Tribbles and Bits is a way for me to let you know about a variety of things that I find interesting.

Firstly, the author Neil Gaiman, started a new Halloween tradition a few years back. It is called All Hallows Read. The idea is that instead of giving out candy one gifts scary books to selected family and friends. The site is very basic, right now, but has some delicious links on its Extras page. If you click on Neil’s name, at the start of this paragraph, you’ll be able to view this year’s plug (click, it’s amusing!).

The card links are the best; I love Introverted Wife‘s Read posters! They’d be perfect in Belle‘s library.

Over at Todd Pack‘s blog they’ve been booed. It seems this is an older tradition however I’ve never heard of it. What you do is print a “BOO” sheet from this site (or write out the poem and decorate it yourself) and include it with a delicious treat. Leave it on someone’s door step, ring the bell, and Run Run Run! Sounds like fun and a way to get to know the neighbours; just beware of ghosts, ghoulies, goblins and other creatures that go bump in the night.

I was home for Thanksgiving (Canadian – 2nd Monday in October) and the current Halloween tradition there is large themed inflatables. I couldn’t pass this one without the following poem running through my head…

Because I could not stop for Death,

He kindly stopped for me;

I prefer my decorations smaller; need to get the material to make the coffins from this site (or if I get ambitious I could create a complete haunted village). Right, who am I kidding?

There are so many great Halloween crafts and so little time (and so little ambition to decorate just for me).

However, I’ll probably make a Brain Cake (or two) because then I get to eat the results and feel all Mad Scientific. I need time to perfect my mad scientist laugh –Mwuhahahahaha.

Halloween spirit mentioned the Crush flavours on her blog just before Thanksgiving and I made it my mission to collect all I could find. I found the five flavours above and, like almost everyone who commented on her post, Gruesome Grape is my favourite, with Blood Cherry a close second. Is anyone else finding more Halloween Crush flavours?

Continuing the food and drink theme, Susie Bright has a Pumpkin Soup recipe on her blog. (Some of you may find her site to be NSFW). I can’t try it because it has too much cheese in it but doesn’t the soup sound amazing?

I can’t wait to celebrate Samhain, Halloween and Dia de la muertos. October is my favourite month; the morbid child trapped inside me absolutely loves this time of the year.



  1. Sue B Bright said,

    If you look in the middle of the recipe, there’s a “dairy-free” version that is so delicious, and “fools” everyone. I’m so glad you liked it!


  2. Stubblejumpin' Gal (Kate) said,

    My son went to a Halloween party on Friday night where someone had made a rice krispie cake but decorated to look like a rat caught in a trap. Apparently they had done such a good job making it look gross that no one would eat the cake!

    • solitaryspinster said,


  3. Things That Make Me Smile: Halloween Style « Solitary Spinster said,

    […] marketing (see last year’s post here for the Crush Soda Halloween […]

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