Tribbles and Bits: Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy

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Tribbles & Bits is a recurring blog topic of mine. Tribbles and Bits is a way for me to let you know about a variety of things that I find interesting. The series title is based on an original Star Trek episode and a joke created by my ex…

What do pets eat on the Enterprise?
Tribbles and Bits.

It is the holiday season and I am contemplating traditions (or my lack there-of). Fiddler on the Roof (click the traditions link) is based on a Yiddish short story about a milkman. I found this about by reading the book,  Outwitting History, which tells how one man set about to rescue as many Yiddish books as he could and ended up creating a library.

My mind wanders from connection to connection as I contemplate the childhood traditions I wish to keep.

Doing something once is not a ritual.

The repetition of ritual is what makes it special.

I am a solitary creature. I find peace in oneness and meditation. My best “Christmas” was one spent completely alone but family obligations keep me from repeating this. I am trying, as I get older, to redefine how I want to spend the Winter holiday and how my mother/family wish me to spend it.

I choose to honour their traditions and practice mine in solitude (though I may have found a spiritual community more in tune with who I am now).

How can I preserve what makes me nostalgic for Christmas,
without actually celebrating it?

I contemplate and I question and I remember. I hold on to what is good and get rid of that which no longer works for me.

Local churches get together to ask; Would You Like To Hold The Baby and I answer yes. Rebirth, renewal and the hope that a new baby symbolizes is important to me. Nieces and nephews all have new babies and I relish the peace as I hold them and remember this is why I create traditions – to pass them on. Though I have no children of my own I have witnessed my actions/words in the familial generations that follow me.

I buy my sister, the grandmother, a Canadian Christmas book to share with her grandchildren. This is what I do – I bestow books; this book, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree is a Canadian-centered 12 days of Christmas. It is a perfect early present ideas.

I buy myself Ganog Chicken Bones. Yes, they have to be from Ganog and I usually buy them for myself because, it seems, many people do not know what they are. What they are is perfection; a pink sugar candy filled with just the right amount of chocolate and tasting like paradise – cinnamon and sugar and bittersweet chocolate.

I tried to explain them to my ex in Montreal. He was going to the store and I wanted him to pick me up some chicken bones. He has no idea what they were and I explained they were candy covered in a pink sugar coating with chocolate inside. He couldn’t get past the concept of actual chicken bones and this is what he saw – chicken bones covered in chocolate and pink ribbon candy. This was pre-internet, now I could search and find an image to show him – though it wouldn’t be as fun as the miscommunication was.

May your celebration of this season of holidays draw deep from the abundant joy, fierce hopes, and enduring traditions of all of our ancestors.


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