Is it Art or is it Nature?

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I was walking home from class on Monday and looked up. I actually looked at the trees lining the street a block from Victoria School, perhaps because something colourful appeared in the corner of my eye.

It was a bird’s nest and right then and there I made a mental note to myself to take my camera on Tuesday morning so that I could take some pictures.

It was then (Tuesday morning) that I noticed it was not one nest in one tree on Broadway but many nests in many trees from Five Corners to Oskayak  High School.

I wondered what this was all about.

I postulated that this was a Victoria School project; something to do with nature & Spring & birds.

Some of the nests were very bright like this pink & yellow bowl shaped nest.

They appeared to be made out of yarn.

I wondered if this was another form of yarnbombing; some local trees had been dressed up in scarves this last winter.

Perhaps a Bluebird family would like this blue nest for their home.

Or perhaps it could become a cradle for some baby blue robin eggs.

Isn’t it amazing what you might find when you look up.

You might see nests. You might see spirals. You might see beads.

And, on occasion, you might see birds.

Or bees.

Or squirrels.

Or a pink feather blowing gently in the breeze.

Though not today, today it is raining.

It has rained most of this week.

I have been carrying my umbrella.

I was glad I was carrying an umbrella.

Not just because it protected me from the rain.

But also because I could use it to reach the nests.

Most of the nests were way up high; I couldn’t reach them even when I stood on tippy-toes.

I wanted to see one up close.

I wanted to hold it in my hands.

I wanted to see what the nests were made of.

If the nests were made of yarn, the birds could pick them apart and use the material to augment their nest building.

Instead of dull brown nests we would see nests infused with colour.

This time of year, I like to put out strands of my hair for the birds to use in their nest building.

Hair and yarn makes their nests warm, cozy, bright and colourful.

I couldn’t knock a nest off with my umbrella.

It looks like my curiosity would never be satisfied.

But then, on Saturday, I was at the grocery store and saw that there was a nest that I could reach and untie from the tree.

The nest I liberated from the tree is made of wire, perhaps like this one (scroll to the bottom).

When I got home and did a quick web search.

The nests are Art and a school project by Monique Martin.

Here are pictures of the tree installation and the exhibit.

I liked the nests better when I thought they were made of yarn.

Yarn nests could be re-purposed by nature – the birds could pick them apart and they would eventually decompose.

Wire nests are just Art.

Yarn nests would have been both Art and Nature.


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