Moving: Again!!

August 12, 2012 at 8:15 am (My City, Rants) (, , , , , , )

I am moving. Again!! (I want to add many many more exclamation points here).

As you read this (if you read it on the Sunday I post it or the Monday after) I will be moving again.

Ants go Marching

I am tired of moving. I have moved approximately 30 times in my lifetime (so far). I was almost one the first time we moved. That move was a big move; we went from Germany, where my dad was stationed with the Canadian Air Force, back to Canada. We went back to the small town in Saskatchewan where he had been born and from which, not soon after, he would leave my mom to raise four children (all under the age of five when he left) by herself. My eldest sister went to Kindergarten in Germany.

Obviously, I do not remember this move.

I’ve written about the Hahn house which is the first home I remember.

I’ve also written about my second family moving experience when I was thirteen.

I’d move once more, as part of my mother’s household, just after finishing High School.

lost, lost, lost

I have moved approximately 25 times from the age of twenty to the age of forty-five.

I have lived in four provinces and nine towns/cities.

I have lived in seven different Saskatoon apartments; this is the city I most often seem to be moving in and out of.

Up until my last move I was mostly moving suitcases and boxes.

With each move I kept less and less stuff.

I gave away books and lost my attachment to things (for the most part).

Up until my last move, important items stayed in my mother’s basement!

Envious Heart

I moved into my current Saskatoon apartment with a bed, a side cabinet and a rocking chair. Slowly I’ve acquired more stuff (mostly second hand).

And books…I never completely purged my personal library.

Well, I didn’t do most of the moving. My nephew moved in the heavy stuff. All my stuff, six years ago, fit in a car and a half-ton truck.

I have much more stuff now.

I have just enough stuff for my one bedroom comfortably furnished HOME.

I’m so tired of moving, of not having a permanent place that is all mine!

I envy my sisters’ more permanent places.

Torn Open

My eldest sister and I were discussing our childhood aspirations recently as we drove back from the auction.

She mentioned how her goal was to have a home that no one could take away from her.

I mentioned that I had wanted to travel and see the world.

(I’ve not seen the world but I’ve seen a good portion of this country I call HOME).

I still want to see the world, but the older I get the more I also want a home base, a place where I can keep all my stuff and feel safe coming back to recharge in.

I had hoped that this would be my last apartment.

I have never lived here…

I know this current move will not be my last.

I am moving for work because I got the perfect job outside the city.

My ultimate goal is to be closer to family (I want to see the babies grow up. I want the babies to know me not just see me on holidays and in the summer. Children grow up so fast! I miss everyone not just the babies.)

So, hopefully after this move is over there will be only one more move in my future.

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