Creature of Habit

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I am a creature of habit. My life is best lived in exact moments; I do not like to deviate from routine. I suspect I am border-line OCD (see David’s story here). I know I test on the scale for low level Aspergers. I’m working on being less stressed and more social.

You can probably tell this if you’ve been reading my blog for a while. I do tend to use the same template from post to post; 90% of my blogs only have centered pictures.

These reasons are perhaps why I find moving so stressful. For almost a month my life has been unordered and messy.

I hated having the majority of my stuff in boxes. I’ve only recently got all my stuff living with me in the same space and unpacked. Up until 2008, a small percentage resided in the basement (or safe) at my mother’s house.  It made me fell less an adult to not have all my stuff residing with me.

If I needed my birth certificate, I had to go to my mother’s to get it. If I wanted to cuddle my favourite baby doll I was out of luck. If I remembered a book that I wanted to quote from, odds were it wasn’t at my house.

I’ve enjoyed having all my stuff with me for the last few years. I knew where everything was. There was a place for everything and everything was in its place. You can ask me where anything is and I can tell you.

Ask me for a hammer. Ask me where I keep my old journals. Where in the kitchen is the flour? Do you have a coffee pot? Well, yes, yes I do even though I do not drink coffee. Where do you keep your purse and keys when you are at home? (Hanging up by the front door, of course).

My old apartment was neat, clean and organized until I had to start to pack for moving!

Packing. I hate packing. It is messy and unorganized. I use newspaper to protect the fragile items and newspaper ink is particularly messy, messy, messy. Next time, I move I’m buying butcher paper or bubble wrap (bubble wrap could be popped later to relieve the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking).

I hate packing. I have to decide what can pack with what; above are Zuzu and Ms. Molly Mouse sharing a box with Wonder Woman. Once things are packed, I have no access to them. Once things are packed I forget what is in the boxes.

Because I was not sure which day was moving day, I had to keep essentials out until the last minute. I packed the dental floss and couldn’t remember where so when I got to my new place I was without floss for about a week (annoying).

Yes, this was even though I had a box marked “packed last, open first!”

Then the move itself was stressful.

I totaled my car the day I went looking for an apartment. I was distracted and looking for an address. Thus, went my car and part of my resolve. The move was starting to feel cursed.

On the day of the move we had two flat tires. When the moving people came to my old apartment they had to change a flat on the trailer. Then we had a blow-out on the truck (pulling the trailer) when we were on the highway. Not fun!

By the time all my stuff was unloaded at my new place and the moving people had left it was 9pm.

And my new place was disorganized and messy, messy, messy.

Thankfully, I had a day to start unpacking before I was due at work. I had to stay in anyway to wait for the tv/internet/phone installer to come.

First, I unpacked my necessity box (which didn’t have everything I needed in it). Drat, I need to plan my boxes better next time.

Important note for nest time: have smaller book boxes!

My first weekend, in the new place, was spent unpacking and organizing. I took the opportunity to get rid of books and to organize the rest of my books and media in a more organized fashion.

I started to feel better about the move.

All my entertainment formats are together; my music cassettes, my cds, my video cassettes, my dvds, my lps, my mp3s all have their own area in my tv cabinet. Before the move they were here, there and everywhere and often organized more for esthetics than practicability.

My new place is bigger. I have a good size dining room but a smaller kitchen. It was a challenge getting the dining area furnished without buying anything new but I think I did okay. It’s practical without being cluttered and I finally have a few of my tea cups out on display.

With the move and everything I can afford a bigger place. I have a second bedroom that I was planning to use as a study.

This is where my roll-top desk was going to go!

However this is not what happened. The desk would not fit into the second bedroom so it lives in the (large) living room. The living room is big enough for the desk and two pull out couches as well as a bookcase and media center!

Unfortunately, this leaves me with an empty room but not an empty closet. My moving boxes are being stored in the spare room closet as it was a major hassle collecting boxes for this move and I know this will not be my last move.

My last move will involve moving back to be closer to family.

One of the things that helped get me through the move was the book Coveted by Shawntelle Madison.

Nat’s a timid werewolf who always wears the same outfit, suffers from OCD tendencies, and a holiday décor hoarding problem. Living alone in her ultra clean cottage and her hundreds (thousands?) of boxes filled with her friends (aka holiday décor, table stuff, ornaments, etc) she works at an antique shop that specializes in magical antiques (that supernatural creatures come far and wide for).


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