Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

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Long Cast

How do you like my fancy new cast? I slipped on the ice on Easter Sunday and fell on top of my wrist which broke, of course. This was not the change I was looking for. But I am learning a lot!

Like how hard it is to get dressed with only one operable hand and forget hanging up jeans at all. Forget hanging up anything or making a bed or sweeping a floor. I’m becoming a slovenly teenager late in life! Didn’t I just mention a few posts back how I wanted someone to take care of me  – send applications to 😉 .

I had to get my sister to open the jam when she was here last weekend but I was able to figure out how to open the juice today by myself. I held it under my armpit and used my good hand to untwist the lid. It wasn’t too messy and now my armpit smells like mangos.

And did you know that regular pill use gets you constipated! Not fun!

Plus, it would be a good idea to cut your long hair before you break your arm as it is very hard to wash it one-handed.

I’d ask how Pirates did it but then they were never known for their cleanliness!

And the more expensive the toilet paper the easier it is to tear at the perforations.

I’d show you pictures of my bruises but they’re on my good hand and I can’t use the other hand to take photos right now.

I only have four button down shirts and on three the buttons are too small to do up with one hand. Let’s not even talk about bras and how hard they are to do up even in the best of circumstances.

Breaking bones leaves you very tired and the resetting is worse then the breaking. The emergency room doctor was impressed that I didn’t swear when she reset my wrist even though I had permission to do so. I guess I wouldn’t make a very good pirate after all.

My blog posts, for the rest of April may be shorter than usual as I adjust to this change!

And learn what it is possible to do mostly one-handed.

Are you ambidextrous? What can you do one handed? I can turn on the bath tub taps with either foot but that is not helping me now (can’t shower, can’t take a bath, can’t get my cast wet).

I wish I were a cat and could lick myself clean as sponge bathing is annoying  (but there are certain parts you don’t want to lick)!

Can Winter be over now, she asks, as she watches the snow come down (once again) outside her window?

Cast ClspThis was not the change I was looking for!

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

(Click on the second photo for a book recommendation).



  1. Stubblejumpin Gal said,

    Nice cast! What will we write on it with?
    I will pass your toiletpaper tip on to my cousin, who has the use of both hands but still might not be able to wipe her own bumbone for a while (broken breastbone, ribs, pelvis after traffic accident she miraculously survived).
    Sorry to hear about so much inconvenience, and of course glad it’s not worse.

    • solitaryspinster said,

      I did have a white plaster cast first until the swelling went down but no one wrote on it. I like the new cast (it’s lighter) and I got to pick the colour. I almost went with lime green.

      Hope your cousin feels better soon.

  2. Tina Schell said,

    Poor baby! Hope it’s better soon. I broke my left arm and after a while was thrilled it wasn’t my right or I may have jumped off of a bridge!!!

    • solitaryspinster said,

      Yes, I’m glad I’m right handed and can still do most of what I need to do. I even figured out how to peel an orange one-handed yesterday. So maybe I should stop feeling sorry for myself!

  3. milaiski said,

    Awww. The situation must really be very difficult for you. On the brighter side, it allows you to push harder than your usual limits. Hopinf for you to get better soon!

    • solitaryspinster said,

      Not sure I wanted to push beyond my usual limits but what can you do. 😉

  4. 4-16-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Change | The Quotidian Hudson said,

    […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Change | Solitary Spinster […]

  5. Kathy said,

    Oh you poor thing, Gigi! That must be really challenging. Laurie over at Speaking from the Heart actually broke her ankle and had a cast and just got it taken off. Is your skin itching underneath it? Good luck with blogging from this new state…or buttoning your shirts. Wishing spring arrives in your neck of the woods soon.

    • solitaryspinster said,

      No itching yet and no sign of Spring either as it’s snowing again right now!

  6. me2013 said,

    Have you tried taping a plastic carry over your hand/arm, I did this when I broke my arm and found i could take a bath with a little care. No good in the shower though 😀

  7. alex21 said,

    Has your wrist tottally healed?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

    • solitaryspinster said,

      Yes, mostly healed. There are just some days it doesn’t like Winter!

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