Travel Theme: Peaceful

June 9, 2013 at 8:15 am (Meme) (, , , , , , , )

Being in a peaceful mood, I am participating this week in Where’s My Backpack’s weekly travel theme once again.


At the end of April I was Alberta Bound to visit my peaceful Rocky Mountains.

Early Saturday morning, we walked the trail behind our B & B and I relaxed in the crisp air immersed in river and mountain.

It had been too long between visits.


I do not go often enough.

Half my heart belongs to these mountains; I half grew up there.


All these pictures were taken the same morning.

It was a clear morning.

The reflections were crisp.


I wanted to wade in the river like we use to when we were young.

Remember – the crowd of us (6, 7, 8) laughing and loud and young!


I’ve climbed a mountain here (all the way to the top).

Okay, it was the smallest mountain! And I climbed it!

I’ve been dragged up to see magnificent waterfalls and amazing caves.

Thank you, little sister, for being so persistent.


I am not normally a mountaineer.

My natural habitat is inside watching the world go by.

They (that large crowd of family) taught me to enjoy the outdoors and to relish the (horrors) fresh air.


It snowed the next day (the end of April) – big fluffy snowflakes perfect for snowballs and building snow people.

It snowed the day we said good-bye to our father.

I’ll tell you next week how he gifted me these mountains.

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