Summer Movies – Scare Me

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As the earth is springing back to life and luxuriating in Summer’s heat, I am anticipating Fall…

Fall Colours

I am not  in the mood for Summer movies; big, loud, action-filled blockbusters.

I want something fun & scary.

I want a movie that leaves me wondering. A movie that leaves my assumptions in the dust. A movie that surprises in its absolution. A movie both predictable and unpredictable. A movie that I have to pay attention to. A movie to watch with my eyes wide open.


My movie queue right now is ripe with horror, both old and new.

I am looking forward to watching Rosemary’s Baby develop.

I will travel back to Alien before seeing Prometheus and remember in delight watching the Alien series all in one shiver inducing night with my baby sister as her young son slept upstairs with the grandparents.


Bereft of cable this summer, I peruse Under The Dome on my computer and bristle at the slow connection (it takes me an hour to watch a 41 minute episode). I’m reconsidering cable!

I’ve reserved the first season of the X-Files at my local library and will hunt down the original Twilight Zone as well.

I long for the mysterious, the suspenseful and the unexpected. I long for ghosts and evil children. I long for aliens and monsters.

Too Much Snow

Winter was too long. It came before Halloween and left after Easter.

Winter was too cold. I shivered in my bed and shivered during my daily walks and huddled under piles of blankets seeking warmth.

Winter was too icy. I fell. I broke my wrist. I felt fragile and alone.


There were ghosts.

There were memories.

Then it got too hot so I stripped down to my bare bones and I started watching horror movies.

The Cabin in the Woods surprised. I went ah, yes as they introduced the Director (so perfect a moment).

Stoker made me think. Evil is never obvious.

Mama made me cry.

Too Much Garbage

On Thursday, Warm Bodies made me smile and smile again even as I averted my eyes from peeling flesh and brain eating Zombies. BRAIN EATING ZOMBIES!

Last night, I watched Warm Bodies again.

And I may watch it again. I’m not even going to try and describe it.

Expect to say it is a sweet, hopeful movie about what happens after the end of everything.

The end of everything you think you know.

The end of everything you think you want.

It’s has connections with those who also were involved in The Others – which is a lovely, unconventional ghost story.

The truth is that even as I yearn for ghosts and fall in love with zombies, I know I would be one of the first to die.

I am ill prepared for disaster and the end of everything.

Perhaps knowing this is the reason that I am in love with horror this summer.

I am preparing myself for what is in the fog.

Preparing myself as to how to treat Zombies.

I am learning how to survive by immersing myself in the unsurvivable.

I may be watching scary movies but I am not scared.

I am curious.

Are you curious also? Immerse yourself in Warm Bodies.

Fall in love with horror.

Fall in love with the unlovable.

Prepare yourself for survival.

Don’t be scared.


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