Too Hot For Me (No Soup For You)

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Summer is ending. The last few weeks have been hot with temperatures hovering around 30 degree Celsius (86 degrees F).

Too hot for me.

I am not summer’s child. I was born in the Spring and my heart resides in Autumn.

I adore the cooling days and nights. I luxuriate in Fall’s changing colours. I don’t want the first snow to fall until Christmas Eve (I must have snow for the holidays). Autumn is too short. Summer is too long.

It is too hot for me.

Like an insect, I hover in the cool breezes and hide inside umbrellas or sneak inside dwellings to escape the heat.

Hiding inside doesn’t work. Inside, sans breeze, is hotter than outside unless you have air conditioning (hi everyone who isn’t me).

The fans stir up only warm air and lately there have been no night breezes.

I can only survive Summer if there are night breezes.

I praise the humble dragonfly out devouring the insolent mosquito.

It is too hot for me.

The farmers are out harvesting. Hi Farmers.

The gophers are out chasing each other.

There are fresh vegetables and ripe fruits over-running homes and markets.

You can’t leave the house without zucchini and lone tomatoes apparitioning on the kitchen table or on the back deck. Beware of drive-by gardeners!

It is too hot for me!

How do I survive when it’s this hot out?

Other then hiding in air-conditioned spaces. I thank the stars for air-conditioned libraries.

I drink something hot, like tea.

Or make soup.

Yes, I know this sounds counter-productive.

Wouldn’t putting something hot in your body just make you hotter?

Actually hot beverages are good for you when it’s hot out…

They make you sweat…which cools you off…miraculous!

Also remember when you sweat you lose salt which your body needs to be healthy.

So when it’s hot, drink something hot and replenish that salt.

No you don’t need to go as far as getting a salt lick!

Hot, hot, hot…

Too hot for me!

I’m waiting (melting) (sweating) for Autumn to start

Bittersweet October.  The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.  ~Carol Bishop Hipps

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