Has Spring Finally Sprung

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The birds are singing. I hear them every mornng just before my alarm goes off. I have not seen a Robin yet.

The squirrels are out. I tried to get a picture of one but they are too fast for me. Their black sleekness streaks in front of me as I walk to work each morning.

It feels like Spring.

However, we do not have a lot of green yet. The temperatures are rising but we need more sunshine. “Be gone clouds,” I say, “Begone!”


There is no ice under my feet as I walk down hill not afraid of falling, breaking. I don’t want to break again so all Winter I was so careful. I stopped enjoying my morning Winter walks.

There are bunnies abounding on windows and on doors. I’ve seen no real bunnies but plenty of the Easter variety have popped up in the stores. My nephew snapped a picture of a snow white bunny at his farm; it was sheltered against the dark, melting fields and thus easy to see. You need patience to catch pictures of wildlife. When I was married, many eons ago, we got up before sunrise and sat in a canoe for hours so that my ex could snap photos (this was before digital) of the beavers and their kits. We watched the beavers ignore us and we enjoyed the sunrise. It was surreal; that wasn’t me. I’m not an early riser.

It is almost Easter. It is almost time for my annual viewing of 1970’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Is Moses on tonight?


I miss enjoying Spring. As a child, I looked forward to mud puddles and rain boots. I could follow the rain rivers for hours as they flowed along the sidewalks, down the streets and into the drains. I made boats out of leaves and Popsicle sticks. I imagined river-side picnics and immense floods. I day dreamed.

As a young adult, I spent years on a quest for the best umbrella. I use to go through at least one cheap umbrella every Spring. Now, I spend more money and remember that the Prairie winds like to tease umbrellas out of my hands and that I need to see what is ahead of me. My current umbrella is clear, deep, and large. I have had it for about five years. I love to walk in the rain clearing seeing where I am going. There are so many lovely umbrellas to buy now.

No Buds Yet

The snow has all melted but there are no buds yet on the trees. We had a day recently when I saw young, foolish boys in shorts. It is not shorts weather yet!

It is Spring. Officially. The Spring Solstice has come and gone. The snows have melted. The time change has occurred everywhere but here. Nature is coming out of hibernation but I am not.

My heart is sad. It takes forever to do anything. I’m wanting for sunshine and rainbows. I’m waiting for an internal shift.

I’m waiting to feel like Spring has arrived.

At My Feet

I’m worried that if I keep looking down I’ll miss the rainbows.



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