Come On Over for Tea

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Growing up, I was a mama’s girl. Everywhere my mama went, I went too.

We spent a lot of time next door having tea with Grandma F when my older sisters were at school. I have no idea where my baby brother was when we were next door having tea. I suppose sometimes he came for tea too 😉

“Come for Tea” Grandma F (she wasn’t really our grandmother) would say and we would go for tea. Grandma F had real tea cups not mugs for us to drink out of (even me). They were pretty, delicate tea cups. She had cookies and not just home-made cookies but store bought cookies as well.

Cookies like chocolate wafers and Oreos. Such unimaginable luxury. We mostly had Smartie cookies (ours only had one Smartie per cookie smack dab in the middle) at home and then usually only when our grandmother visited. These cookies were my maternal grandmother’s specialty. My specialty cookie is the ubiquitous chocolate chip cookie.

Cookies so full of love have no calories or did you already know that.

“Cookies are made of butter and love.”
-Norwegian Proverb

When I entered my pre-teens, around eleven or so, I joined CGIT. Canadian Girls in Training. Heaven knows what we were in training for. Actually, heaven probably did know – it was a church sponsored group.

We participated in community events like town clean-up days (we went around picking up trash) and starve-a-thons where we spent 24 hours surviving only on juice (I still can’t stomach apple juice).

My favourite task at CGIT was when we all were encouraged to adopt-a-grandmother – aka an elderly member of the community – and do errands and other good deeds for them.

I wanted to adopt Grandma F but my best friend got there first. I was sad 😦

However, I moved on to adopt another grandmother. I have always had an abundance of mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers in my life.

I wish all of them and all of you reading a Happy Mother’s Day!

I am moving closer to my family next month. I will be inundated with great nieces and nephews along with a passel of other relatives.

It will be my turn to say, “Come on over for tea!’

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    […] When she went to tea/coffee with the neighbours, I almost always tagged along. Grandma F was next door, Mrs. S was across the alley, Mama H lived down from my mother’s parents. Grandma F would let […]

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