Halloween “Signs”

October 5, 2014 at 10:25 am (Meme) (, , , , , , , , , )

The stores overflow with Halloween candy and decorations. Houses on the street look dark, gory and gloomy. Halloween is nigh!

When I was a child (oh so many decades ago) only one or two households would decorate the outside of their home for Halloween and we didn’t expect to see anything in the stores until after Canadian Thanksgiving (which is next weekend).

Now, it seems everything is buy, buy, buy. Halloween stuff appears in the store beside Back to School sales and Christmas stuff goes out even before Halloween is here.

We don’t just consume anymore now we must be seen to be consuming, to be consumers, to have it all, everyone must see it. Who are we keeping up to? Who is it all for?

Am I turning in to a curmudgeon?

Or was I always one? 😉

I decorate for me. I celebrate for me. And increasingly that means buying less and enjoying the moments more.

What is this a sign of?


  1. Aussie Emjay said,

    Totally agree with you. We’re not taking the time to enjoy ‘moments” anymore. My first year in the US I carved a pumpkin and really enjoyed it but lived in an apartment block where children were not allowed to knock on doors so I did feel that I was missing out a bit on the fun of the “holiday”.

    I really don’t want to see Christmas things in stores until November.

    • solitaryspinster said,

      Because I’ve lived in apartment buildings most of my adult life I’ve seldom had trick or treaters come to my door. I’m curious as to if I’ll have any this year or not. My mom use to get hundreds but the number of kids out on Halloween has slowly been going down over the years. This moment may be one I’m too late for.

      • Aussie Emjay said,

        The first year in our house (about 8 years ago) I think we only had about 10 kids and I had heaps of candy. The next year I cut down on the candy and we got about 20 kids and we were rationing the lollies! We might’ve got nearly 30 the year after but it’s been dropping ever since. This year Halloween’s on a Saturday so perhaps more children will be out as there’s no school the next day. I do love the outfits – some parents go to so much trouble.

  2. Signs | Blogged With Words said,

    […] Solitary SpinsterHalloween “Signs” […]

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