The Music Box

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A music box is a Lady’s treasure chest.

A music box is a Lady’s lock-box.

(NOT that type of box. Get your mind out of the gutter).

It is something only she can open.

It is a place to keep treasures.

It is a place to keep secrets.

I had a pink music box when I was seven.

I was not yet a Lady.

(Am I a Lady now?)

It had a pink ballerina in a tiny, pink tutu made of tulle.

She twirled round and round not quite dancing.

I would have preferred a musical carousal with tiny, perfect horses.

Or unicorns.

I did not want a practical music box that was also a jewelry box.

I had no jewels.

The poor own nothing of value.

Seven years later, I coveted the Imperial Easter Eggs of Russia.

This was my ballerina phase.

This was my Anastasia phase.

I read and read and read.

Books about the Russian ballet.

Books about the last Imperial family of Russia.

I coveted riches.

I would settle for any jewel-encrusted token made by Faberge.

Perhaps a tiny tortoise or a regal elephant to grace my window-sill.

I had no need of a jewelry box.

I had no need of a music box.

I had no need of  music.

I had secrets within me.

I had a ticket not unlike Willy Wonka’s. It would lead me through the maze, down a winding path and home again.

I had a handful of river and ocean stones to guide the way. Forward or backwards it didn’t matter. I took a stone from every body of water that I came upon. I kept them in my pocket.

I had a mysterious envelope full of fortunes collected throughout my life. There were no repeats. All of them were right. All of them were wrong. All of them were mine.

I had a winding key. I still have not discovered what it winds up (or down, as the case may be). I have no time-piece to try it on. I have too much time. I have not enough time.

I have no need of a music box.

I have no need of a treasure chest.

All I need I can carry in my heart, in my mind and in my imagination.

I have no need.


February’s posts will be inspired by the Ray Bradbury Noun List.


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