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Fall Fun

It is Autumn. My favourite season. It is a treat to take long walks in the crisp air and enjoy the sights and smells of fall.

Autumn is a treat. But it can also be tricky with an occasional cold front creeping in to give you a chill.

Trick or treat?

Lulu's Treat

Here is Lulu sharing my DQ treat. We both like small amounts of ice cream but only occasionally. Neither my system nor her system does well with dairy.

But it’s ice cream. Who can say no to ice cream?

Trick or treat?

Ladybug Ring

Once upon a time I use to treat myself with jewelry. I loved this ladybug  & flower ring. It could be one ring or two. It had a ladybug for luck on it.

But I never wear rings. They annoy me. I fiddle with them and they break. I am not a jewelry person.

Trick or treat?

VW Bug

I want a Volkswagen bug like this. I love the decals. I don’t love the price and I am not a car person. I am a walker. But I have coveted a VW bug ever since I saw Herbie the Love Bug as a child.

The classic VW bug has a manual transmission – almost all of the original-shape VW Beetles were built with a 4 speed manual transmission and I can’t drive stick and yes, I’ve tried! The new VWs offer automatic transmission as an option but somehow that just seems wrong. Then there is the complex history surrounding the Volkswagen.

Trick or treat?

So, what do you do when all your treats are also tricks?

You enjoy your paradoxical Halloween, of course!



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