Everything Old Is New Again

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My father was a digital man in an analog world. He weren’t no dinosaur.

He was an electrician and tv repairman. He started his career working on army airplanes and ended it fiddling with computers. He loved taking pictures and capturing movement with film. He had his own dark room once.

Sometimes I wish he were still around. Sometimes I wish I had been braver when he was alive. There are so many questions I couldn’t ask. So many skills never passed on.

I didn’t grow up with my father in the same house as me. Out of the nine children he had I always knew I was not one of the favoured. He did what he could with the resources he had and as a father, he did it badly.

And every father’s day, I try to forgive him his shortcomings and remember the man he was.


Record Player

My father was a digital man in an analog world. He weren’t no dinosaur.

I am a late bloomer and a late adapter. I am cautious. I take my time. I hold my heart in. If I’m not a dinosaur than I’m a sloth. Slow, quiet, and protective of my vulnerable areas.

Gradually I step out of my comfort zone. Gradually I try something new.

In my house, right now, alongside the smart tv, DVD/VCR player, computers and Apple box is an old fashioned record player that I’m not sure how to hook up. My dad would know and if he didn’t he would get right in there and experiment.

I long for a good old fashioned stereo cabinet like my grandparents had.

I have a small collection of LPs and 45s that I hardly ever play. I have cassettes that I play on trips because I only have a portable cassette player. The only music storage device I’ve never had is 8-tracks but they were mainly used in cars and I’ve never owned a car.

All I’ve done is expand my world. I am both analog and digital. I’ve gone from books to ebooks, 45s to MP3s, VHS to DVD to iMovies. Where will it stop?

What will I do on that day when I receive the heart attack inducing words “file cannot be found?”

Thankfully, I’ll have analog files to access.

Record Player 00

My father was a digital man in an analog world. He weren’t no dinosaur but me, I’m happy to identify as such.

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