I liked living alone. I even liked going to movies alone, and eating in restaurants alone. I would never have called myself single. The word suggests a certain willingness to flirt in bars or take out advertisements for oneself on the Internet: Single people are social in the hopes they won’t be single forever. I was a spinster, a woman no one imagined marrying. That suited me. I would be the weird aunt, the oddball friend who bought the great presents and occasionally drank too much and fell asleep on the sofa. Actually, I already was that person.

p.170, This Does Not Have to Be a Secret. Elizabeth McCraken.

pp.168-172; 218-219.

in O, The Oprah Magazine; August 2008

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  1. Caroline Crayon said,

    Hi Solitary,
    I’m incredibly solitary too. I’m so warm and friendly that people find it hard to believe that I’d really rather spend most of my time alone. I like the way you are celebratory about that. I really love the look of your WordPress blog. It is elegant and classy.

    I’m trying to read my way through some of your posts in order to get a sense of your writing and your experiences. I am eager to read book and film commentary.

    In the meantime, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy your 50th birthday as much as I did.

  2. THREE said,

    Love the excerpt! More people should read that. Hate it when people assume spinsters are pitiful desperately-trying-to-get-out-of-singlehood lonely women with disordered personalities and other such stereotypes. Some people just enjoy the company of themselves, the quiet time alone with no distractions, and are in no way really “lonely”. Solitary is not equal to “lonely”. At the same time it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy some company either, but it’s just not something they’ll die without. Nice blog.

  3. vijay Kachru said,

    I met you at the Writing North Confrence at U Of S.. I like your Blog. Will add you to mine .

  4. vijay Kachru said,


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