Christmas Eve 2014

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Photos taken by iPhone before and after candlelight service Christmas eve day and night. Santa was not spotted because he was very busy elsewhere. 😉

Christmas Eve 2014 01

The hoar-frost was thick on the trees it being a typical winter so far. Snow – warm – snow  –  too darn cold.

Christmas Eve 2014 02

There are a couple of inches of hoar-frost everywhere. The furthur you travel into the country the thicker it is.

Christmas Eve 2014 03

The sky was an eerie twilight blue all afternoon tinting my pictures in nostalgic terms. I longed to be elsewhere. Elsewhere in time. I longed for the past.

Christmas Eve 2014 04

Were those jingle bells that I heard echoing from the past off some long forgotten sleigh? Who travels where? Who travels when?

Christmas Eve 2014_Moose

Shh, you’ll wake the moose.


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Abandoned & Ancient

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I am feeling ancient, ancient and cold (the minus 50 degree Celsius day is not helping). I am rock. I am granite. I am stone.

Water runs off me, through me and wears away at my surface.

The good stuff is underneath, is inside.

I am gargoyle, grotesque. I am a statue – immobile.

I am ancient. I am unknown.

I am abandoned.

There is beauty there.

Old. Ancient. Abandoned.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Travel theme: Ancient

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A Tangle of Cords

January 9, 2011 at 2:33 pm (Life, My City, Weather) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Winter has returned. This is winter in Saskatchewan; Friday I walked outside for over an hour and it felt like spring was just around the corner and today I needed a scarf and longed, once again, for warm underwear.

I could quote temperatures and wind chills but my mind confuses between Celsius and Fahrenheit and which is really, really cold. Really, really cold is impossible to describe. You can only experience it and believe me you don’t want to experience it. Plus, of course, really, really cold is relevant. My Saskatchewan really, really cold does not compare with my sister’s experience of living on a northern Canadian bay in Nunavut really, really cold.

Saskatchewan cold is going to bed with the river flowing, the day warm and waking up to this:

Saskatchewan cold is sledding on Christmas warm and cuddling in front of a fire on New Years Eve because only the brave or foolish go out to party in that darn cold.

Saskatchewan cold is the river frozen solid one day, holes appearing the next, then only half frozen, then a cold snap hits and everything starts freezing all over again!

Saskatchewan winter is living with a tangle of cords everywhere.  Electric cords grow over night on the bare streets and in alley ways. Those of us walking have to remember to both look up and down so that we are not tripped or strangled by these strange, new vines.

Saskatchewan winters are ripe with cords. There are electric cords and cords of wood. There are bright yellow, orange and blue electric cords; enough to populate a Dr. Seuss story. Red Cord, Blue Cord, One Cord, Two Cords.

I’m thankful that I don’t have to chop and stack cords of wood the way my grandparents had to. I’m thankful for warmer houses and electric lights, for blankets and library books. Sometimes, I’m even thankful for winter because it gives me the excuse to stay in and do nothing expect read and watch insanely, stupid television shows.

My mother is taking her first holiday south for part of January. I’m not a big fan of too hot so I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to the point of going south every winter.

I’m of hearty stock. I can take everything Winter decides to throw at me. I am from Saskatchewan.

Here, we barbecue on the balcony/deck/in the back yard just to spite Old Man Winter. Here, we enjoy our walks in the park during every season.

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