Photo Friday: Mobile Phone Photo

July 21, 2013 at 9:34 am (Meme) (, , , , , )

Tilted Fence

Taken with iphone 4 on auto – I was standing on the sidewalk trying to keep the bottom of the fence level, not sure if it worked or not. I like the photo just not sure why. It’s not a personal connection – I don’t know anyone who lives in that house or built that fence. It’s not something that I can articulate, it just makes me smile. I love the colour of the wood, the way the sunlight hits it and the clear blue above. I love the way the shadows dance on the wood.

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Walking Home

January 11, 2009 at 9:05 pm (Recreation) (, , , )

Yesterday ended well.

It did not start well. I had to work. I hate working weekends. Got a degree so I would have more say over my hours and it isn’t happening. Arghh!

But it got better. I was working with my favourite co-worker and only had to spend half a day upstairs greeting/serving the public. It was a slow day probably because it was our first nice day in ages.

Just after I got back from lunch my co-worker pointed out two young adults outside carrying balloons; orange, yellow, purple, red. The sight made both of us smile. Not long after that the balloon carriers came inside to peruse the museum. balloons

They came, they saw, they left with balloons in tow and headed south. I was out for a break shortly after they left. We are a short walk from a few of the city’s statues. One of them is a statue of a local radio personality. People put sweaters on him in the dead of winter. Yesterday he had on a red sweater and was given an orange balloon by our mysterious balloon artists. My day got better 🙂

My co-worker and I joked that it would be nice if the children statue also got a balloon. Three hours later, after a long tiring day, I headed home going south. The first statue I encounter is the children statue. They stand there, doing handstands, holding each other up, all in a circle. They have two balloons; purple and red.

I continue walking home. Much happier now and feeling less tired. I cross the bridge and pass Bill Epp’s statue of the young girl and her dog. Picture them covered in snow. We’ve had a lot of snow this winter and are getting lots more today.

victoria-school-girl She and her dog have yellow and red balloons. I cross the street at the light heading for my buskers-on-broadwaylocal grocery store. I pass the buskers playing in front of the local cheese shop. They have purple and red balloons.

My walk home yesterday consisted of balloons and statues and smiles.  🙂

Thanks to the balloon artists. Mysterious young adults who had nothing else to do on a somewhat sunny Saturday.

Thank you Balloon Artists. You cheered up my routine walk home and made a just bearable Saturday much, much better. Thank you.


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