Sunlight on Water

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  • A perfect summer Saturday,
  • Sunlight on water,
  • Enough of a breeze,
  • Few mosquitoes,
  • Family.
  • Home early enough to recharge before bed,
  • And to chase the cat around the house;
  • She thinks I’m a toy!


  • An Introvert’s perfect getaway,
  • Love me and let me be me!

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Winter Solstice Invocation

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Travel light,

Live light,

Spread the light,

Be the light.

(Yogi Bhajan)

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Bringing In The Light

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The last half of this year has been challenging. I’ve felt like I’ve been struggling to stay out of a dark place (or crawl back into one since I’m a fan of dark places like caves & crypts, catacombs & mausoleums). I like dark, quiet places that offer occasional glimpses of sunlight to bask in. I’m very much cat-like that way.

We’re nothing, we’re born, we live, we die, we rot, we’re nothing.


It was the Solstice on Friday and the world didn’t end. As I write this, I don’t know how bright and sunny the day will be but I know we will have less light and then slowly, day by day, there will be more light. Today there is more light.

Light, starlight, sunlight are all light like this. Light to show the way. Light to provide warmth. Light to lighten the spirit (supposedly).

Holiday Bright

I have been reading too much apocalyptic fiction this year. It has darkened my mood.

I tend to wander around my apartment muttering, “how many apocalypses has this been for me already.”

I tend to wonder how many ways can there possibly be for the world to end (too many, just one, do I really want to know).

Night Light

Roland and his friends fear The Wind through the Keyhole as they shelter down in the latest book of Stephen King’s Dark Tower universe.

Robots take over in Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse which is soon to be a movie.

Ben Winter’s The Last Policeman tediously ignores the asteroid hurdling towards Earth as he gets on with his job.

Zombies overshadow Justin Cronin’s The Passage trilogy as I eagerly await book two – The Twelve.

In future Los Angeles, Lissa Price imagines what will happen to Starters as seniors over take their bodies.

Stephen Irwin’s The Broken Ones gives us a world populated with ghosts as they haunt each and every living soul.

Day Light

How many ways can there possibly be for the world to end?

The first piece of apocalyptic fiction I read was Stephen King’s The Stand which reduces the world’s population to the size/feeling of a small town. I grew up in a small town – I know, I fear people like this.

My favourite apocalyptic fiction title concept is Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Well, do they. I want to know, don’t you? I haven’t seen the 1982 movie, Blade Runner, that was based on this story but I think I’m putting it on my list for next year (I’ll have time then since the world didn’t end and all). Maybe the movie answers the question.

Snoopy & Santa

In researching the books links for this blog post, I found some old apocalyptic fiction that I have to add to my to be read pile (which keeps growing every day I work at my library job).

I’ve never read Frankenstein, so I guess I’ll start reading Mary Shelley with her take on The Last Man; Richard Jefferies’ After London will take me to London, England – a place I’ve always wanted to see; Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon will revisit old fears about the effects of a nuclear war on a small town and I’m going to read Joyce Carol Oates’ Zombie  just because it is not about zombies.

How many ways can there possibly be for the world to end?


Couldn’t we have at least one cheery apocalypse? (Okay, Zombieland was kind of fun). Does anyone know of a book that portrays a lighter side to the apocalypse? If so, leave me a link in the comments. Thanks.

White on Red

I’ve created a cave for myself; light comes in at one end and light comes in at the other end. It is warm, it is big enough and all my things are there. I may not be able to survive an apocalypse in it but I have plenty of reading material, enough to last a year or two.

How many ways can there possibly be for one’s world to end?

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